Defaction Development Pause


It's been quite a while since our last update on Defaction's development so we finally wanted to let you know about the status of the project.

The long and the short of it is that development of the full game is on hold indefinitely. We have been going back and forth on this decision over the last few months but realistically, we don't see a way around it right now.

We still really like the initial concept of the game and are proud of everything we developed for it so far, but its scope would mean at least a year of full-time development and we unfortunately can't commit to this at the moment.
Aside from the time investment there is also the financial aspect of sustaining ourselves during the project of course.
The main issue however is that the concept of the full game and the prologue itself were created under circumstances that took away a lot of the excitement we initially had for the game and we still can't completely disconnect that from the project.

Earlier this year we thought about revising the scope and parts of the concept to make it more manageable, but even then we still don't feel ready to commit an extended period of time to it, less so that we could deliver an enjoyable experience if we can't even enjoy the development itself.

If you were looking forward to the full game, we're sorry that these are the only news we can give you. We're really thankful if you played the prologue and got invested in the story and the characters. We'd like to see the project completed one day, too, but we can't promise when or if that will happen.

Thanks for reading and for your interest! We really appreciate it a lot (´•ω•̥`)

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I loved the prologue and am so very excited for the possible creation of the game. I am very sorry you are not ready to submit yourselves into it but things do get tough and struggles are real hence you have my complete respect and support. 

Besides that, excellent work in the prologue! So well done!


I absolutely adore the demo, it had so much potential. But I respect your decision, and I'd rather have a good demo than a game released hastily and without heart

Sad news, but I'll still be looking forward to your new projects!