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"Let me tell you a story about a university divided by ideals,
a university split into factions...

Once there were none, then there were two.

Soon, they will be gone."

The Story
Just as they enroll at ### University, Coral is thrown into a conflict of rivaling factions.
After an unprecedented election result, the balance on campus is already disturbed and with the emergence of an anonymous group whose sole goal is to destroy the faction system no matter the cost, a time of sudden change awaits the students of ### University.

Defaction is a narrative game about societal expectations and (not) fitting in.

  • Take control of Coral, a first semester history student who finds themselves in midst a conflict of ideals that has been brewing for more than half a century.
  • Choose a faction and stay loyal to them, or defect to a group you can better identify with.
  • Use Coral's phone to interact with other characters and the world, explore the campus, and change the system into something that you can stand for.

As of now, Defaction is currently in development.
The demo you can find here is a prologue chapter to the main story.


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Version 1.0
defaction-linux.zip 129 MB
Version 1.0

Development log


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When is the full game going to come out?

This was really interesting and I'm super excited for what else the game has to offer. 

I look forward to future news and when the main game becomes available because now I really want to know the truth.


Is there going to be more customisation options?  

ahh! Loved this!

This game seems amazing! I didn't even realize it was the demo with how good the beginning was handled. Also, I loved the addition of Snow in the game, the reference made me smile. 

Also the simple colors of the game and gray palette was a really nice touch! Aswell as the option of appearance and pronouns.

All in all, this game has totally blown me away. But I mean, I expected it as your games always leave an impression on me. I can't wait for the main game!

Does this contain romance? What's the game's genre(s)?

Defaction is a realistic adventure. With action and political themes, played out in a university setting.
There will be romance in the main game! Although it's not the main theme.
The demo already teases with a few characters (of an even bigger cast of characters) that'll be romanceable later in the main game.

Thanks for your interest! :3

(1 edit)

Really good premise so far! I like the idea with the phone with various applications about and the use of the chat where various other characters can be seen chatting, it gives off a feel that there's life into the chat. The art and the writing is so well done to boot! The ability to choose the character customisation along with what pronouns they prefer is really really good. I'm happy with that cause I can freely pick. Nice job on that!

Very fond of the black and white choice for the game with a limited selection of other colours, it gives you the free reign on what you think their clothing's colour would look like and it's nice. Played both routes and both are interesting thus far though I am wondering if you can join in on the underground resistance group since that seems more like my thing, it'd be interesting to see.

Sadly, Karin seems to be taken :( She's so cute too but ah oh well hahaha, anyways game is so good thus far and only a prologue too! Keep up the good work!

Sorry for the super late reply!
It has been so long but we were happy about your comment! We made a bunch features for Defaction our older games don't have and are glad they got appreciated! :'D

We wouldn't like to spoiler anything but we thought Defaction to be a game that allows the player to chose the ideological path they most identify with. So....well,...you might join the rebellion (in the main game)?? But getting there shall not be easy >u>

Again, thank you for your thorough comment and thanks for your interest! :3

Interesting premise! I like the granularity of character customization and the phone interface. The few uses of color really pop against the grayscale.

Thank you for playing! We're glad you liked these features >u<

We're sorry for the delayed reaction!

As always, you all have completely blown away my expectations.

Thank you for putting so much  work into this! I look forward to updates and stuff  in the future ^_^

Aww thank you! We're glad you enjoyed the demo :D

I really like artstyle. Very great backgrounds, good music, very good sprites, interesting idea of hiding each function in phone, very clear and transparent, good-looking gui and very aestetic choice of color scheme (mostly white, black, grays) 

You had very good idea with this phone stuff. SMS, web, GPS and all this stuff really helps you to tell the story to player. 

Simple but not-too-simple charcter look creator. 

A little bit "unisex" style of  MC and option to choose your own pronuncunces for sure pleases a lot of people. But MC still has their own personality, style and opinions. It's good balance. 

Interesting and original idea for plot. Interesting and good-looking charcters. 

Two very different, competing factions of students - very interesting idea. Also each group has it's own style and domains. The idea of underground resistance movement seems interesting, too. I've played both routes of demo. :)

good beggening for promising story. I'm waiting for more from you :D and for full game :D

isn't it the same Snow as in TODO? I'm just asking to be sure :)
Karin is nice and sweet... but already taken :( 
I like how out-going and laid back Karin and Pearl are. 
Purple Haired Girl is so smart and cute. And... a little mysterious. 

Will it be passible to befriend and romance someone in the final game?


Thank you so much for all the kind words and for writing such a detailed comment!

We're really happy you liked the demo and yes, that's the same Snow as in //TODO: today! 
In the full game you'll be able to befriend pretty much all of the main characters of the faction you're in and some of them will be romanceable as well (although that's not the focus of the main story). And as far as Karin goes, well, there might still be a chance some day...

Thanks for playing <3

Interesting game, I really liked snow's character. I'm hoping we can get to check out the dorms soon. 

Thank you! We're happy you found it interesting!
You'll definitely get to check out the dorms and spend more time with Snow in the full game but as we wrote in our devlogs, it'll still be a bit longer until it is released.

Thanks for playing <3

I loved the demo and I cant wait for the full game. I love the art style and the story was really interesting. You have done a great job and I cant wait to see more!

Thank you! We're really happy you enjoyed the demo! And sorry for the late reply.
As we wrote in our devlogs, the full game won't be released before next year but we hope you'll enjoy that too once it's out!

Thanks for playing <3

Absolutely in love with the demo, and cannot wait until full release!!!  And I think I share everyone's joy in seeing a familiar face, Snow, here as well :)  One question: would it be possible to add even more customization options to the MC?  For instance, more body types, eye shapes, hair styles, and perhaps even clothing?  I think adding more options to customize might make even more room for relating to the MC and experiencing the world through the MC.  Anyway, continue to make the beautiful work that you do, all the best!

We're happy you liked the demo!!
About the character customization options: You're absolutely right about the player's relation to the MC! We definitely want to have a bit more options for the final game, like i.e. additional hairstyles and sets of eyes. We also need to consider that the more styles there are the more work has to be done for special illustrations depicting varying MCs in the main game. But we'll try to do our best to have players enjoy the story through the eyes of their unique MC. ö-ö

Thank you very much for pointing out the importance of this! And of course playing the demo! :D

woah this was incredible!!!! I'm so excited for the full game!

Ah! >u< Thank you for playing!!

The demo was so good! Beautiful graphics and a really engaging storyline; I'm excited to see how the relationship between the two factions and our MC's role progresses! It was also wonderful to see Snow from To:Do. Great job guys!

Thank you so much! We're really happy you like it :D
And including Snow again was something we're pretty excited about!

Thanks for playing <3

It took me a second to realize, but Snow's in here too! Very happy x3

Yeah, we're pretty happy to have Snow in Defaction as well! Thanks for playing <3

where/when is demo? xD


Right now we plan to release the demo around mid-June (you can find some more infos in our devlogs).

Thanks for being interested in our game!

I already posted a comment last month (ABOUT HOW FREAKING AMAZING THIS GAME LOOKS AND HOW MUCH I LOVE YOUR WORK SO MUCH DID I MENTION THAT IT'S AMAZING?) but I was just wondering how much the game is going to cost when it does come out (and also when do you see a demo or whatever going up)?

Thanks for commenting again!
We haven't fully decided on a price yet but we'll definitely announce what the game will cost once we get closer to its release.

As for the demo, there was a small delay so we currently plan to release it in June. Ideally it will only take a few more weeks so it hopefully won't be that much of a wait. We're happy you're excited for Defaction and we hope you'll like the demo!

Holy moly! This game looks AMAZING! If there was a demo, I would totally download this! I loved the game you made; TODO Today, I cannot wait for the finished version to be completed! Do you know when they would be complete? And AHH you guys are AMAZING at art! This is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing your talent! <3

Aa, your comment made us really happy! ^0^ About the releases:

We've written in a past devlog that //TODO: today would be complete by August this year. We'll continue work on it after we've released the Defaction demo this May.  We're going to reveal more about the Defaction main game in the future! :>

Thanks for your interest and we hope you'll like Defaction when it's released!

Thank you so much! I am very excited for the release! Amazing job with //TODO: today and Defaction! I wish you the best of luck with your next games!

Thank you! (。’▽’。)♡

I can't wait for this!!! :)

Aaa :D Hope you'll like it when it's published!

Can't wait to try this! Thank you for all your hard work <3

Aww! Thank you for your interest! >u<

This looks awesome! I'm really excited to play this! The style looks fantastic and I'm so glad you considered different genders, races, bodies, etc. Story sounds intriguing too! Wishing you luck in your development process and eagerly awaiting the demo release!

Even though such character variety comes with a bunch of work we really wanted to do this! We're happy you appreciate the ideas and the look! :3 Hopefully you'll like the demo when it's released! 

I honestly cant wait to play this! And I'm so glad you guys include they/them pronouns.

We're happy you're excited for Defaction! Inclusion is important for us with this project, so they/them pronouns were something we definitely wanted to include. And we hope you'll enjoy the demo when it's released!

I literally cannot wait until you guys release this. All of your other games are amazing and I love your overall style - definitely gonna be a great game!

Wow, thank you! We got a biiit more economical with colours for once, but we hope you'll like Defaction when it's up! :D

I am already excited for this. I've played some of your previous games, and I know this one is going to be just as awesome.

Thank you! We're happy you're excited and we hope you'll like the demo when it's released!