Devlog #22 - GDD Preparations and Demo News

Hi there!

This week's devlog will be a little shorter than usual because we're hard at work to finish the demo for the German Dev Days next week.

For the GDD we also got ourselves some nice business cards!

And stickers that (accidentally) turned out very shiny...

(PECTIN: We wanted glossy paper, but these are METALLIC. They're so "trashy" in real-life, I couldn't stop laughing when I opened the package. But 'cause of the internet, I don't know if that's good or bad anymore. Maybe it's good?)

There are also some more unfortunate news because with the deadline approaching we realized that we won't be able to complete everything we had planned for the demo in time, so we will push back the public release of the demo by a few weeks in order to expand it a bit from what it will be at the GDD.
For the most part that will entail the production of a CG and two more backgrounds, rewriting some scenes where they were supposed to be used, and in general more polish and some additional customization options for Coral.

We considered the possibility of releasing the GDD demo first and then include the rest in an update, but we think first impressions matter so ultimately we decided against releasing an unfinished demo.

We hope you won't mind waiting a little longer but we think it will be worth the slight delay!

And now briefly what we did since the last devlog:

Dev (and Art?) - eZombo

So one thing I worked on last week was the 3D blockout for one of the Avantgarde backgrounds. PECTIN already described his workflow last week and for this background it was pretty much the same (at least for the part where I'm involved). Based on a sketch I built a rough version of the environment in 3D, trying to stay as close to the concept as possible.

The checkered floor is only meant as a perspective guide for the painting process so in the final background the ground won't look like it was supposed to be in a 50s diner :'D

Since this background included some dorm buildings, we also got to plan out the room layout inside the building so that the building dimensions and overall size make sense and look realistic.
But more on that some other time, when we actually work on the interior of the dorms!

Aside from perspective, lighting is one of the main reasons why we use 3D blockouts. Compared to the foyer, the lighting setup for this background was pretty simple because it is outside and basically only has a directional light as a stand-in for the sun.

On the dev side, I was mostly busy with bug fixes and implementing something I can't really mention because SPOILERS, but you'll get to see when the demo is released...
Until then I'm just gonna leave this nondescript screenshot of a related python dictionary here:

Now if you're wondering if Defaction will include a protein lending blue dinosaur with mood swings, I can't confirm or deny anything but I promise there is a perfectly reasonable explanation behind this.

And lastly, my focus started to shift more towards writing again with some revisions of scenes from the initial prototype and some new additions to make everything fit into the updated story we developed for the demo.
I'll still be busy with writing and editing for most of the week and after that it's all about implementing all assets and polishing the demo until it's ready for the convention!


Oh man. I'm too busy and tired to write somthing proper and I'm sorry for it. °^°' But yeah, uh. I continued making backgrounds and finished all the characters that'll appear in the demo! Hooray!

I as well don't want to spoil too much. I posted a bit on twitter already too. Yet here's something fresh for you guys: I have created a beautiful collage of....the hands of every character! It's kinda self-indulgent haha, but I'm very proud of the process I've made over time and wanted to record it. Maybe this'll motivate some artists out there? Because there's so much to learn on hands. So much. So frickin' much. I need to do studies. Ah. (ノ~o~)ノ

And that was it! Short but hopefully insightful! Thank you for reading and we'll return after the German Dev Days for more!✧・゚

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