Defaction Demo Release (It's finally here!)

Some of you might've noticed that the Defaction demo didn't launch on the 29th June as we've stated before. And we're really sorry about it! ( T^T)/

We've tweeted about it on the 29th and yesterday. The main reason for the delay were issues with bugs that appeared right when everything was coming together on the Friday night of the release. We could've fixed the bugs after the release and patched the game at a later date but a few prevented the player from making progress - they were game breaking. So we thought it wiser to hold off the release until things got solved. Felix worked hard to make the demo work as intended and Rohan had the time to edit some flaws out of the art assets. Things are definitely better now and we thank you for your patience! ヾ(○・3・)ノ

So here it is! Enjoy a first taste of Defaction! ✧・゚

Files 121 MB
Version 1.0 Jul 03, 2018 120 MB
Version 1.0 Jul 03, 2018 129 MB
Version 1.0 Jul 03, 2018

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Are you able to change the name in game? Somehow the prompts make it seem like I can.

Yes, you can change the name! The text input field automatically has focus in the character creator so you should be able to change it if you just start typing

Hi, is there any chance this game is coming to Steam? No matter how hard I try my antivirus softtware just refuses to let the demo run. It's not just one file, it's at least 15 files being affected. 

Hi, we're sorry you're having trouble with the game! What antivirus software are you using? And were you able to run any other Ren'Py games before? We haven't had any problems with this until now but we'll try and see what we can do.

As of now we don't have plans to release the demo on Steam. If there is more demand we might consider it but since the demo is free we wouldn't have any means to recuperate the entry fee until the full game is closer to completion.

Sorry again, and thanks for your interest!

Thanks for the response; Yes I do have other Ren'Py games and they are able to run. McAffee runs better but I had to switch to Norton, & I know Norton is notorious for these kinds of bugs. Perhaps it's the demo itself - full released games work just fine! I will buy the full game when it comes out :) 


Sorry for the late reply! From what we can tell this is probably a false positive which seems to happen occasionally with Ren'Py games. Could you send us a list of the affected files to so we can see if there is something we can do to prevent this?

And thank you so much that you want to buy the full game! It  will still take a bit until it's finished because we first want to finish the second half of our other game //TODO: today but you can follow our development progress on our devlog here on itch and our blog!