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Brassica - A Marry Tale is a BL fairy tale visual novel made for Yaoi Jam 2018.

Three princes are sent on a dangerous journey in order to marry the princess of a neighboring kingdom. But is this really how it is going to end?
What about the princess, doesn't she have a say in this matter?

Watch the story of these royals unfold and change its outcome. 
Because for every political marriage, there might very well be a (gay) alternative...


Right now only the first two Acts are available. 
We will release the remaining acts over the course of the next few months.

If you buy the game you will get access to all 5 Acts as they are released.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

brassica-a-marry-tale-win.zip 117 MB
Version 0.7
brassica-a-marry-tale-osx.zip 116 MB
Version 0.7
brassica-a-marry-tale-linux.zip 124 MB
Version 0.7

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Alas! I've seen this game a while ago and it took me some time to remember the name (so much that I even thought I just dreamed about it, haha xD)
Once is finished I won't even think twice about purchasing it, it looks so pretty and magical and ethereal <3

I was really enjoying this, but I've encountered a bug where on the second day, after the making a fire scene, it prompts me to save. When I save, I'm unable to load a save file. When I select a save file to load, it takes me directly back to the "save" menu. When I select "Return" from the left-hand menu, it takes me back to the beginning title card. I'm really bummed that the game won't work, because I wanted to play it through!

Sorry about that! We probably should have made it clearer in-game but right now only the first act and a few scenes of the second act are available. Once the full second act is released, your save file should just continue from that point on instead of returning to the title.

If you want to know more about the development progress, we explain it a bit more in our devlogs.

We're happy you enjoyed the game so far and we hope waiting for the next acts won't be too much of a problem! Thanks for playing <3


Oops, that makes total sense, sorry for not realizing that! Thanks for responding, I look forward to playing the rest of the game once it's available!

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I take it that the princess is going to try to play matchmaker for at least two of the guys. But is there also a GxB ending? Since there are three guys, well, I thought maybe at least one of them might be bi-curious...?

(I am aware the question is out of topic since this is clearly labelled BL. Sorry. I just couldn't help wishing despite of this after I saw one of the guys. >//< )


We're trying to not spoiler anything...buuuuut there's no GxB ending. Although none of the princes are exclusively gay.
The story does explain and clear the possible confusion. Unfortunately much isn't online yet. :'<

Thank you for your interest! <3 we hope this answer helped somehow :x
(And though the story doesn't include it, one of us headcanons Sappho (red hair) and Hans (turqoise hair) very much anyway. >u>)

(And though the story doesn't include it, one of us headcanons Sappho (red hair) and Hans (turqoise hair) very much anyway. >u>)

Oh. Like there's room for that, then? ... :I   :] Maybe I'll play after all.  (^^;;)

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Ay! Just to be safe and clear possible misunderstandings:
There's no GxB ending in the game, and romance between boys and gals isn't the main theme! Although that would have been fun too, we didn't include it. >-< We focused on gay romance here because this was made for the #yaoijam! (the game is SFW)

So you control the fate of a cute prince and decide who of the other princes he'll romance!

Sorry if the last reply was confusing. x-x'' And thank you for your interest! <3

Thank you for telling me more about the gameplay.  I'm glad I know what to expect. 

Any chance this would go on Steam? I really would love all my games in one place so... :<

Brassica is definitely a title we want to take to Steam!
But we're still figuring out in what form to release it on Steam (as Brassica is not finished yet, etc.), as well as doing paper work towards such a release. :'D

Thank you for your interest! <3

There's a way to add non-Steam games to your library:

Open Steam. Click the "Add a game" button in the bottom left. Then click "Add a non-Steam game."

From there, you can add any game you have installed to your Steam library. It's only a shortcut, so you have to have the game installed. Steam makes it so easy to organize our games! I love it!

I know but... that kind of defeats the purpose I want, that outside game would still be installed outside anyway. Reviews of library games, achievements, trading cards, Steam cloud and such functions would still be exclusive to Steam games.

This has been very cute and funny so far, can't wait for more! The princes are all so adorably obnoxious, and I just love scheming Princess Sappho...

Wuah! Thank you for playing and we're glad you enjoyed it!
We hope you'll like the rowdy bunch of royals in the continuations too! :3

I bought the game a few minutes after it released and I've finally gotten to play it today! I'm so excited to see what kind of adventure these boys will have and if the princess will have a happy ending~

Thank you so much for your support!
We'll release the next part of the story later this week and there's still quite a bit ahead of our princes~ (And the princess as well of course) So we hope you'll enjoy the rest of the story!

Thanks for playing <3