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Brassica - A Marry Tale is a BL fairy tale visual novel originally made for Yaoi Jam 2018.

Three princes are sent on a dangerous journey in order to marry the princess of a neighboring kingdom. But is this really how it is going to end?
What about the princess, doesn't she have a say in this matter?

Watch the story of these royals unfold and change its outcome. 
Because for every political marriage, there might very well be a (gay) alternative...


Right now only the first 2 Acts out of 5 are available. 
We will release the remaining acts over the course of the next few months.

As we announced in our devlog #47 the pricing will increase with each new Act! The final price for the full game will be 15$.  Details can be found in the devlog.

If you buy the game with the reduced price now you will get access to all 5 Acts as they are released!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

brassica-a-marry-tale-win.zip 121 MB
Version 0.7.3
brassica-a-marry-tale-osx.zip 120 MB
Version 0.7.3
brassica-a-marry-tale-linux.zip 128 MB
Version 0.7.3

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Some parts of this game seemed very cute, but due to the racist stereotypes it employs, I couldn't finish the first act. It's worse than one or two lines portraying prejudice held by characters in the game. The entire character of Ode is steeped in harmful black stereotypes. The black man in this game is portrayed as the biggest, the strongest, the hottest tempered, and the most ignorant. It doesn't matter if later on, we see that maybe he's not so bad. The whole foundation of this character is racist.


While explaining how the character came to be won't change or excuse any of the problems you pointed out, we would still like to say that most of the traits you mentioned were based on Bara tropes we wanted to subvert by also making Ode kindhearted and not overly masculine outside of physical traits.
That this overlaps with him being black and in that way plays into harmful stereotypes was an oversight on our part that we unfortunately can't retroactively change and we are sorry about any discomfort this has caused. 

His temper and ignorance appear more extreme when he is confronted by Hans and were never meant to be defining aspects of his character. Given how prominent they are in his introduction we definitely see now that there is a problem with his portrayal and we will do what we can to fix this.

We are in the process of rewriting parts of the first two Acts that unnecessarily reinforced these stereotypes and will do all we can to stay aware and avoid these kinds of problematic portrayals in future Acts and projects.

Thank you for the feedback.


I really really can't wait for the next few Acts!! I'm hoping that the implied chance for polyamory is real because I don't know how I'd pick otherwise lol. I'm so curious about how the magic system here works, I'd definitely like to see more of it. Thanks for working so hard on this!

I don't know what I expected when I clicked on "make it gayer," but I'm THRILLED that that might be an option!

this game is so cute and i adore the art style and the characters so far and the first two acts were so good and i can't wait for the rest!


I purchased this as part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. I really liked the artwork and the story premise, and settled in to have a fun time.

Not long into the game, I realized that there is a casting of the darker-skinned character as an uncultured brute (according to another character), which is a terrible trope and one of the very caricatures of black people that the bundle was created to help change.

I can't continue to play this game.


We're sorry that the game made you uncomfortable and fully understand your reasoning. The character in question is actually neither uncultured nor a brute but this is currently only made clear as the story progresses and you get to know him better.

We've discussed the matter and decided to rewrite the way prejudice is shown in the story to avoid reinforcing the trope and to better reflect the tone of the game we were aiming for.
Harmful stereotypes are something we don't want to include in our games so leaving the remarks you mentioned unchallenged was not our intention and will be addressed with the next update.

Thank you for the feedback.


Thank you for your willingness to listen and change. I look forward to trying the game again after the next update.

whew...for a second there, i thought the game was being meta and forcing me to figure out how to advance to the next act. Love it!! I'm Ode/Saffron trash!!!

I love it!

Very cute! I liked the first two acts a lot!

I really enjoyed the first 2 acts and am looking forward to the rest! Thanks!


dont mind me im just going to sit on my hands and wait until this game updates. i adore it so much i can already tell that im going to replay it 10000000 times once its completed


This was so so good. The art style, theatre set up and characters are awesome and so much fun. I like the theatre director voice and fact we can banter with them a bit. So excited to see what's going to happen next!


I absolutely adore this game.  The art style is so cute, the story is engaging and witty, and the characters are all so lovely. I also especially love the theater-esque style of the game; it's a refreshingly original idea for a visual novel. Also, the direct engagement with the player at the end of each act gets a resounding YES from me!

I'm looking forward to the other acts coming out (heh) in the near future!


Heartwarming, adorable, and genuinely funny! Enjoy this game where two Princes are constantly overwhelmed with love for a sweet little bean that you get to play!

The narrative style is interesting and engaging and I can't wait to see where it goes!

I love this, the ultimate OTP is certainly Sappho/Cithara, but I'm surprised that theres more love for Hans than my sweet prince Ode. Also I love his name its so cool.


this is so much fun! I love it, I´ve been so immersed I didn´t notice I have played through the avaiable 2 chapters and was worried the safe was broken when it wouldn´t continue. Will we get the full tale if we purchased the game in a bundle?

Hello there!
Sorry for the late reply and thank you so much for playing! >-<
Yes, you will get all the coming updates, including all of the coming acts for the game if you bought it in a bundle!


This is one of the first few games I played through purchasing the racial injustice bundle, and god do I love it! I would have gladly paid full price for this visual novel!! The art is so refreshing, clean, and ADORABLE. I have nothing but great things to say about this game. I'm commenting this after playing the 2 acts released currently, and so far it has kept me immersed throughout the entirety of it. My favorite thing is how you differentiated the text between routes so much! I went after Hans first then Ode, and I still found myself not skipping dialogue that often just because the scenes were so fun to replay through.

Saffron's design is on a whole new level of cool too. I'm happy to patiently wait for the future acts to come out :) Thanks for all your hard work!

I love this game! Not so much can tell they made me laugh :)

Keep it up! <3


I am so in love with this game! I love the theatre concept; I rarely go to one because it's not really a thing in my city, so I really love how the VN is designed. The story is intriguing so far and all the characters are very lovely and unique in their own way! It's really hard to choose between one of them... Unless? Okay but I also love Princess Sappho and Cithara <3 The princess and her bodyguard trope... <3 Delicious.

I am so looking forward to the next Act! Thank you for the wonderful work!

this is the best visual novel i have ever played <3


Definitely enjoying the game, but it would be nice if the game said "To be continued..." or something like that at the end of the released acts if there aren't other acts to play. I spent quite a few confused and frustrated minutes trying to figure out why it just kept playing act 2 over and over again. I thought it was a glitch until I came back here and saw that it was because only the two acts were released. Ah well. Looking forward to seeing how things continue from here!


I do agree, I just passed the last 30 minutes searching what was making the game return to the home screen instead of running Act 3!

Haha same, my search for that brought me to this page~ Definitely looking forward to the rest of the Acts though!


I ended up finding a bug on my first playthrough but the support team has been so responsive and helpful working through it. Otherwise the game is cute and clever. I adore the atmosphere. 


This game was super cute and I'm excited for the next few acts. But, I'm curious. I quite like the dynamic between Hans and Ode. Will there be an ending where they can be together? Thank you for your hard work on this amazing game! :D


Wow, I'm enjoying this so much!! So gay. So witty. The art is great and Ode is so cute. Very excited for the rest.


Oh lol, I thought there was something wrong with my game when I got to the end of Act 2. I was so sad. Looking forward to further updates!

Me too lol.  Great game! Can't wait for more!


Super cute! I've been looking for wholesome gay content, can't wait for Act 3. It's lighthearted, it's funny in a very charming way, the artstyle is super cute (seriously, props to the artist(s), the art is really nicely done and very fitting). All you need to get over that sad evening slump.


I didn't realize only the first two acts was available, and I got so immersed in the game that I didn't realize I finished Act 2 until it was over! The characters are super lovable, and the game is a mix of lighthearted and serious. I could listen to the music for days and the art style is amazing! Definitely looking forward to how the rest of the game goes!

(Saffron also has to be by far my favorite character, I love his design and he's just a nice guy!)

I am already so in love with this game! I can't wait to try out all the different possibilities! It was so hard to choose between the boys, they're both so intriguing! I may be wrong but maybe the make it gayer comment is alluding to a new character or possibly a poly relationship 0.0 That would be so cool! Can't wait for the update 


I love this game and especially Ode, I'm a sucker for a himbo. Will there be a new Dev Log soon about the third act?


THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING AND GAY!!! I cant wait until the next acts are available. Ode and Saffron are my OTP in this game. I love their dynamic so much. Looking forward to the updates :D Thank you so much for this amazing gayme


are you gay. do you like men. do you like women that love women being named sappho because felix and rohan arent subtle. do you like humorous flavor text. then you should 1000% play this vn even if it isnt finished yet !!! both ode and hans appeal to me, specifically, as a nblm, and saffron is adorable as a PC. the tone is very lighthearted and also gay. im gay. we're all gay. 


i've played the current 2 first acts available and I'm absolutely enamored with this game! I am very invested in the story and all characters seem impossible to dislike. The art is beautiful, the story seems very well-written and I love the tone of the game. There is a good balance of the light and sweet moments with the exciting and curious ones. The narrator breaking the fourth wall was really fun too! Overall, I'm very excited to see what the next 3 acts have in store for us, I will be patiently waiting for the next update. You guys are doing a great job with this lovely game!

Thank you so much for the lovely comment! We're really happy you enjoyed the first two acts and look forward to the next ones!

This game started out as a fun side project for us and we really wanted to keep the tone and presentation lighthearted and fun, too. Keeping a good balance with the different moods was important to us so we're glad to hear you say that!

Thanks for playing <3


This is a really sweet game. The fact that the narrator acknowledges that its a story and lets you make decisions about what happens rather than just how you react to it is pretty cool. I love the art and I'm looking forward to the last three acts.

Thank you so much! Since we had the whole theater theme in the presentation, we really wanted to include it in the story in some way, so we're glad you liked that aspect too! Thanks for playing and we hope you'll enjoy the next Acts as well <3

I just played through the first two acts in one sitting. Saffron is a cinnamon roll and I adore him. Sappho and her (non-surprising) lady friend are darling. The other princes bicker like an old married couple. I am here for all of this. I'll eagerly await further acts (without bugging you and stressing the creative process.) This game is brilliant and I love you.

Also, the segment where you had to fix the bridge had me laughing for the entire segment. I love our little conversations. I feel like I know you. 

Aw, thank you! We're happy to hear you like the game and the characters and look forward to the next Acts!

It was a lot of fun to think of ways for the narrator to break the fourth wall, so we're glad you enjoyed those conversations and that the bridge segment could make you laugh!

Thanks for playing <3


We're all thinking it right? Also 10/10, great game, watered my poor, dehydrated achillean crops. 


I'm here for this content. <3



I was wondering if this was compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro X running Windows 10 with  Microsoft SQ1 ARM chip with SQ1 Adreno 685 GPU Processor. I've had problems with other games if they're 64bit but not ARM compatible. 32 bit programs run fine though. Thanks!

We haven't tried running it on a Surface Pro X ourselves but the game should run with the specs you mentioned. The Windows build is targeting x86 platforms, and the engine we're using generally has low system requirements.

If still you run into any problems, please let us know so we can figure out a solution! Thanks for your interest!


it works! thank you!

AAAAAA THIS IS SO GREAT!!!! <3 Thank you so much for making this adorable game! Can't wait for the next acts!

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Thank you for playing!! >u<


Hey I love this game! I can't seem to find any dates for when the next Act will be released, though. Do you guys have an estimate for when the next one will be released? Thanks so much!

Thank you for playing! We haven't stated a finite date for the coming Act 3 yet! We're currently working on Egologic and will return to Brassica soon. Considering how our schedule is laid out, Act 3 would likely be released late summer/fall this year.

Thank you so much for your interest!

Thank you! Awesome :) I can't wait to play!

Thank you! Awesome :) I can't wait to play!

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Hi! I bought the game in the bundle, and I was wondering if there was a place I could donate to support the development of the game? Maybe kofi or patreon? I really love the game! Also the princess named Sappho lol

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We are not sure if you already stumbled upon it, but we do have a Patreon account online. We haven't promoted it yet though. :'3

Everyone who gets the hint about Sappho's name gets a cookie point! xD


I ADORE this game! Like I cannot WAIT for those remaining acts! ;o; I am so excited and you are so talented!


Aw, thank you so much for the kind words! We're happy you're enjoying the game and look forward to the remaining Acts! <3


I love the game, however I am struggling to load my saves. 

Right now only the first two Acts of the game are available, so if you're unable to load a save at the end of Act 2 (the second time the narrator prompted you to save your progress), that's because the story currently doesn't go further than that. Once Act 3 is released, that save file will continue normally.

If you're having trouble with another save, please let us know so we can figure out a solution!

We're glad you're enjoying the game otherwise though! Thanks for playing <3


I think that was the issue, thank you! 


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I didn't realise there were only two acts and now I need mooooooooooooore
but I got to make out with Hans so I guess I'll just have to redo and show Ode a little love <3

Oh no, sorry for not making that clearer in the game itself! If it's any consolation, there might be more opportunities to make out with Hans in the future ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Until then we hope you'll enjoy the Ode side of the story! Thanks for playing <3


nah, it's my fault for not reading the game page! Ode here I come bb!

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