Devlog # 27 - Kawaii Festival, Newsletter, and More!

(Note: because we also post these devlogs on our blog, the devlog numbers are not quite accurate here. On, devlog #20 - #26 can be found on the game page for Defaction)

Hi there!

We've been pretty busy with preparations for the Kawaii Festival recently so this devlog will mostly focus on that, but there's some other news as well so let's get started!

In preparation of the Kawaii Festival in Berlin on the 27th July. We've kept ourselves busy with organising our booth as well. We had to divert our attention from //TODO: today production to design a friendly sticker set and prepare art prints:

And Felix has designed banners of our games to be put on our exhibition desk! No pictures of them though, because that would surely spoil a big surprise. :'3 

Altogether we've never send so much stuff to the printers. As the whole exhibition costs us a good amount of money, we've decided to try our hands on selling some items at our table, though we're a pretty obscure team in comparison to other exhibitors and guests at the fair. So hopefully we'll get our stuff (and name!) around. When our budget permits, we'll also consider selling merch internationally as well. But that is still in the far off future. (ノ~o~)ノ

Other than that, we set up a newsletter on our website, so if you don't use Twitter or just want to make sure that you don't miss an update, feel free to subscribe! You can choose what kinds of news you want to get, so whether you just want to know about major announcements, or also get an email for every devlog, there's an option for either.

Speaking of communication, we recently asked whether people would be interested in a BL+ Discord server and the answer was mostly "yes". We haven't gotten around to set it up yet but stay tuned for this as well!

And now to something completely different.

Two weeks ago we mentioned that we decided to participate in this year's Yaoi Jam (that is coming to an end next week) so there will be another small BL+ visual novel released very soon! We'll show more of that over the coming days, so if you like BL you'll hopefully enjoy this new game, too!

Well, and that was pretty much all of what we've been up to recently.

We'll be back with another devlog in two weeks, this time with some more concrete development updates on //TODO: today, as we're working to meet our August deadline.
As always, thank you for reading and being interested in our games <3

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