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College dropout and aspiring artist Teal only wanted to live life without major complications.

But one way or another they found themselves without enough money to pay rent, even though the month had only started...
On top of that, an almost tailor-made AI suddenly appears inside their computer, claiming they'll tend to Teal's every need.
And with a new co-worker who seems to be everything Teal aspires to be, the chaos is complete.

Can Teal untangle the mess that their life has turned into, all while making enough money to not be evicted?

//TODO: today is a Slice-of-Life Visual Novel with Dating Sim elements featuring:

  • Variable pronouns and romantic preferences
  • A nameable protagonist (in case you don't like the default~)
  • Two romance options
  • Three endings, with multiple variations each
  • And lot's of choices along the way

This game was originally made for the 2017 NaNoRenO Game Jam and has since been expanded.

For $5 you can purchase a 79 page Zine with all the artworks from the game, concept art, behind the scenes info, extra stories, and more!

And for $8 you also get the Soundtrack (saving $2 over buying them separately).

If you want to stay up to date with updates, feel free to follow us on Twitter @boyslaughplus

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Oct 01, 2018
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(605 total ratings)
AuthorsBoys Laugh +, eZombo, Pectin
GenreVisual Novel, Adventure
Made withClip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Ren'Py
TagsColorful, Cute, Dating Sim, LGBT, Multiple Endings, Ren'Py
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Soundtrack
Mentionsitch.io year in review 2017


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Version 2.2
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Version 2.2
TODO today Special Edition Zine.pdf 21 MB
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Loved it! Joyce is the most loveable adorable little man

i fell in love with zen


omg i love this game!! it's so well made and your choices really have impact on the story. it is one of the best otome games i ever played. also i loved how the main character change through the game. 


Oh. My. Fucking. God. This was AMAZING!!! It's so jampacked with stuff and everything is obviously made with love??? I loved all the characters, the music was so good omfg if it's not on spotify already?? and the art is just GORGEOUS!! I usually make more serious reviews but this is just too good for that. I haven't even 100% the game yet but i am SO going to do that.

I was thinking of writing a long winded comment like I often do for VNs I absolutely love but I want to make this one shorter since it's late at night and I just finished the VN (got most of the achievements and assumed what the other three I didn't get would be about, but just didn't have the heart to lose the competition when Teal really wanted to win or to not save Joyce), and I loved it. 

The concept itself caught my eye immediately and I thought it was well explored without going into details that might be too odd for the player. I liked how well thought out the art and programming sections were because they felt like they were written by professionals in that field not just a random writer (I'm sure the developers have both a large amount of art experience and experience with tech or programming considering how professional and technical it all sounded, though I'm neither in art nor programming).

I also think it was a great choice that we got to pick pronouns, sexuality and Teal's look. While I find any kind of story interesting regardless of sexuality or gender of the characters if it's a good story, I still have a strong preference for wlw stories and I was happy with the ability to choose. I loved the minor changes that came with picking different pronouns and sexuality preferences, it felt seamlessly cut into the story. Also, and this isn't anything specifically related to the story but the designs for female Phoenix and Joyce are really pretty and I enjoyed spending time with them, they were just really nice to look at! I saw a comment that said that the male version of Phoenix looks like a K-Pop idol and I cannot unsee it now lmao

I absolutely loved Teal's backstory, problems with motivation, isolation, procrastination and so on were very interesting to tackle and I liked the way Joyce's advice and support, as well as Teal's other choices played into that. I liked that there was something deeper to all the characters, which I can't always say for VNs like this (especially VNs with romantic options).

I wish the writing were a bit more polished in terms of grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. It's not a horrible mistake but it's one that gets me to skim over the text so I don't have to read through the somewhat basic sounding text (punctuation was especially bad). Noticing these grammatical errors is probably more of a me thing since I'm a text editor but still. 

Anyway great VN overall! I'm excited to see what else this studio has to offer! 


I loved //TODO: today. It's arguably one of the best western otome I've played. I honestly didn't get into the game with any high expectations, but this game really impressed me. It drew me in fast. I became fond of the cast pretty quickly and connected with the characters a lot, especially the MC - Teal. I was able to identify quite a bit with her issues and saw myself in her from time to time throughout the the game (I played as a girl). I related plenty with her past - in losing oneself in fictional realities and imaginary characters as a means to cope with loneliness and hardships. As well as generally being a loner. I mean, isn't that why I'm playing this game? Haha. ^^;

I also identified with the frequent themes of procrastination, depression, lack of motivation and being conflict-avoidant. It's still a constant struggle in my life. It's truly empowering watching her journey as she, step by step, climbs her way out of her rut and slowly overcome her internal struggles with the intention to improve and possibly bring herself closer to her dream; with the added aid from Joyce, of course. I actually wished I had someone like Joyce in my life - giving me those regular nudges in the right direction and just pushing me toward being a better version of myself. Sometimes it can be incredibly challenging being your only motivator, especially when you're low on motivation yourself.

*spoiler* My favorite segment in the story was rescuing Joyce. The heartfelt conversation shared between Teal and Joyce was one of the best scenes in the game, as well as the risky escapade it took to getting to Joyce - I felt genuine excitement and tension for the group. *end spoiler* Anywho, I think Teal and Phoenix would be the better romantic pair, given how well their personalities meshed together (both being loners and introverted) and their common interests, but I obviously got more attached to Joyce. I liked the openness between Joyce and Teal, and the way they both played a role in positively changing one another. I enjoyed the character development from the main 3; how they tried to adapt and later see things from a new perspective.

Some more thoughts:

Phoenix looks like a chill person I wouldn't mind hanging out with irl. Male version of Phoenix also looks like a K-Pop idol. Yes, I did simp for an AI. Moreover.. please add Suuji and Ken as dating options! I was seriously hoping to potentially romance Suuji until I realized that they weren't a dating option. Suuji was such a wholesome cutie, haha. And Ken seems like such a laid-back, fun dude. I'm a straight woman, but I think the inclusivity and choices in the game was great, notably for those who would benefit more from them! I loved the pastel color palette and the art. Maybe not what I'm used to from commercial otome, but very pretty nonetheless and for a FREE game. That being said, I definitely enjoyed this game. Writing, characters and art were all solid. The game was rather educational too.

THANK YOU for supporting Linux as a platform! I played this on my old, potato laptop that's running Linux Mint 20.3 Una from a USB stick. Really appreciate you giving native support.

I agree with so much of what you said, I especially agree that Teal and Phoenix make a better pair but I also got more attached to Joyce. It's probably because we get the choices early on to choose to be a part of the testing program and therefore have Joyce in our story and it feels more mandatory to do so. Whereas, Phoenix feels more like an optional part of the story, even though regardless of if you choose to hang out with Phoenix all the time or not at all, Phoenix is still always in some way a part of the story. I actually really liked that part since I never felt like I was excluding a character from the story if I wasn't interacting with them as much. 


The eye-catching visuals made me want to try this game, I'm so glad I did! A lot of Teal's experiences were relatable. I wish my younger and more introverted self had stumbled upon this sooner lol

Cute & heartwarming, I feel motivated to give it my all after playing 馃挭

Absolutely loved this game. The story was so much fun but also so interesting ... made me self-reflect a lot. Also Joyce is an absolute sweetheart.

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that was hell of an experience, i didnt expect this to be that long for being a game made for a Jam but im not complaining, came here for Joyce and stayed here for Joyce xd

the only thing i wish could be better were more bonding scenes for Joyce. I mean, i saw there were a lot more opportunities you could spend with Phoenix just casually talking, hanging out and having fun but for Joyce, even though we are with them more than Phoenix, we never really have that much opportunities to just have fun, closer bonding moments or some noteworthy moments (you know besides them giving pep talks and life advices)? After entering a relationship with them, it would've been nice if we had at least 1 romantic/bonding scene with interaction before the ending or as the epilogue. Like idk, I haven't tried to pursue Phoenix yet so I don't know how they are in comparison. For my first gameplay i tried to just focus on Joyce (such as not hanging out with Phoenix given the opportunity) and also keeping in mind of my other problems (working and drawing) but it felt like majority of my moments with them was just about the art competition. I don't know if staying home from work or not focusing on drawing so much wouldve given some more bonding scenes with Joyce but yeah... I just didn't feel as close to Joyce as Joyce felt about MC when they confessed. I also wish we could've heard a "I love you" from Joyce too T_T. Anyway, this won't be my last gameplay tho :')

This game made me want to get back to drawing aswell, I haven't drawn digitally for a while but I feel like drawing something... I'd love to draw something of Joy or/and Phoenix >-<

Just replayed it, and finally realized the impact this game had on me. Even though I already knew the routes and endings, the emotional sections still sort of got to me. If I could give a higher rating, I would do it in a heartbeat. I look forward to any new games in the future and wish you good fortune!


"A slice of life visual novel"

Meanwhile, we're preparing to bust into a high-security HQ like in Hitman


karate chop one of the staff members too xd


I was thinking the same thing! That part of the game really took me for a ride and it took longer than I thought it would, but in a good way


Is it possible to have a romantic relationship with joyce? other than phoenix


Yes, that's possible! Joyce is the second romanceable character in the game


I have a suggestion, maybe add a sequel or continue the game with Joyce getting a robotic body or something....coz why not i guess? its kinda weird to think that Teal's boyfriend just exist within his screen, and making joyce move to an actual robotic body sort of make sense


Android port? Tried the whole joiplay thing and all that did was cause me to have to factory reset my tablet. Pc is a no go so androids the only way i can enjoy these.


Hi, we're sorry about the difficulties! We are currently working on other projects and don't have the capacity to work on something like an Android port in parallel. We are open to the idea though, so we might port the game eventually, when we have the time and resources to do a good job with it.

Thanks for your interest!

Deleted post

this is really fun!


okay where do I start...I absolutely am IN LOVE with the game, it is so sweet and heart-warming! Will absolutely play this time and time again!! Thank you to the creators for taking their time and making this amazing game <3

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okay but the doc martins in the corner of phoenix's room-

with the cuffed jeans-

and belt-



i loved this game! i just went thru and got the teal and phoenix endings and I'm def going back for the joyce ending. this game was so relaxing and fun to play! i also really enjoyed the message about working hard to have the life u want, it really resonated w/ me since I try to follow a similar lifestyle. thank u for making this amazing game! 


This game is so wonderful!!!! I love the art style and the story is engaging. I haven't finished my storyline yet but I'm in love.


hahahahahaaaa, i lived my silly little life, i worked at the silly little bookstore, i won the silly little art contest, and then i went back to zen's route and realized i coudl do CRIMES?? omg replaying this asap


Thank you for making the amazing game Developers. I loved every minute of it. The art style was amazing. The freedom to be and like (or not like) whoever you want is awesome. And finally managed to get the last achievement on it : Homelessness. Luckily I had Joyce in that playthrough. I can't just leave my characters in a bad situation. Still lovely premise. Maybe I'll check out the rest of your games. Phoenix and Joyce and Teal endings were the only ones I got.


came back to say i just noticed the fire emblem poster on teal's wall and somehow i'm even more in love with this game than i was before


Amazing game! <3


Such an adorable and wholesome game! I really enjoyed playing it; thank youuuuu (and the fact that i've always been obsessed with AIs helped a lot!) <33

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Wow, //TODO: today is just so amazing with how it shows some of the struggles of being an artist. I loved how small aspects of the characters that somehow seem so familiar with myself at least. I had dropped art for a few years and when I started to draw again it was hard to start. I seemed to loose my motivation just when I wanted to start on a project, and having to take an art course while going through this was a huge struggle for me. ( this is still a problem to this day) So to see another character go through similar struggles of myself just kind of felt reassuring? The main art colors are very pleasing to look at, I didn't even seem to get tired of the lighter colors which is new for me, the character and background art look very pleasing to the eye so I applaud you for that. All in All this was a very lovely game to play! :D.  

I also loved the fact that you could choose your pronouns, and sexuality that was such a cool bit to include. 


I stumbled upon //TODO: today during the biggest art block of my life. This game helped me a lot and I really appreciate it! Many of Teal's struggles really resonated with me! Thank you guys so much for creating this great game! <:


First things first. I got so hooked on this game the first play through took me around 6 hours and man was it worth it. I loved all the cute anime references, considering I lost interest in it a while ago it was pretty nostalgic especially seeing the first manga I ever finished referenced. The colour scheme was also one of the most refreshing things I've ever seen in a visual novel. The way it contrasted the topics tackled was pretty smart in its own way, kinda like an upbeat song with sad lyrics. Honestly the thing I loved the most was the way the story line coincidentally somewhat mirrored my current situation.

I'll definitely be playing this again for the rest of the achievements.


I dont think I can properly say how much i genuinly love this game!! From the writting, to the art, to the gui itself, the game was amazing! This was the first time where I related to a character so much, i felt what they did on a personal level. Teal and Phoenix's characters really spoke to me b/c somehow I managed to be the same way as both of them. Where I don't feel good enough in my art and try to figure things out on my own, to where I work too much for something and in the end wonder if I wasted my time. I'm not gonna lie, I really almost cried and some points because of the genuine sound advice that was said in the game. Even though its just a game, I really did appreciate the things that were said and I really want to apply the advice Joyce & Teal said on to my own life. :)


Aw yes this so great, and I love how you written protag and the story!! Also bonus for options hooray! The art is lovely, I love the inclusion of their different styles too- that was a nice touch! (and thanks for giving me flashbacks for my art classes that ignited my flight or fight response yay :) )


This is such a cute game uwu. It was very relatable but also had such cute graphics that kept me interested, to anyone who is thinking of playing, please do and good luck and hope you enjoy playing! :D


Nice graphics!

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gosh it's a shame i can't romance zen


This game is beautiful, sweet and sincere - and so much fun! I love the characters, the challenge of making decisions and the inclusivity in terms of gender identity. I identified heavily with the protagonist, art, depression and bullying being topics that play a big role in my life too. I almost felt like Joyce was talking to me, which helped me feel better. I can highly recommend this <3


THIS. IS. A. CUTE. GAME. AAA. I've been playing fantastical, "I will make you have a heart attack" games lately but this one is a refreshing one. I like the conflict that happens between the MC and Joyce, because both of them weren't wrong. But in the end, they needed each other, and it really warmed my heart. I like how you also gave the choice to study art/etc. or go to sleep, because that's a real, relatable conflict right there! I feel like I also have to mention that I like the song on the end credits. It's my fave song from the game, had to hear it again from the extras! Keep up the good work!


This is one of the few games that genuinely made me cry, I love this game.


Aww that was so wholesomee :,) I really loved and enjoyed the game, the storyline was interesting and I liked the charactors alot. SNOW & JOYCE ARE SUCH CINNIMON ROLLSS QWQ


This is probably the first game I've ever put in my money only after playing through the entire thing. I don't tend to buy visual novels up front, since I won't know whether I would actually like the product or not. But this game ended up being not only free, but also quite enjoyable with such a relatable main character, an interesting plot, and also quite the dynamic cast, I especially enjoyed the way Zen was written: he's definitely a chaotic good ahaha. The Special Edition Zine also shows how much thought and care went into the development of the game, and also brings insight upon what it takes to make a game we can love. Kudos.

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Really enjoyed this game, pretty much binged played it in one day haha. Love the art style, so pretty and nothing too complicated and overwhelming. Loved the storyline for both love interests and the fact that there is a choice for sexuality preference including asexual and gender. Feels good to play a game that doesnt cater to one specific audience. On a side note a meter for how much money you had would have been a little easier for me to accept or decline shifts at the bookstore because I didn't really want to work all the time but didn't want to be homeless either lol.

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