//TODO: today - Version 2.0 Release!


After working on it for quite a while, we have finally released version 2.0 of //TODO: today!
As we announced last week, this update adds a bunch of new content and updates to existing scenes but in this post we'll tell you more about what exactly changed.

Before we get to that though, the release of the Special Edition Zine and the bundle with the soundtrack will be delayed to tomorrow.
We did our best to get it done today as well but still need some time to finish it all.

We still wanted to release the update though so we hope you won't mind waiting a little longer for the zine.

But now to what you can expect from the update! (Spoilers ahead if you haven't played the game yet!)

The biggest changes are that the second round of the Naughty Cat competition and the Bell Tech break-in have been expanded. Both got additional scenes and an additional challenge each! But don't worry we kept the difficulty the same as it has been so far.

In the context of the Naughty Cat competition we also added three more artworks that show what Teal and Phoenix are painting!

The Teal ending got its own CG and Phoenix got another CG as well for one of their more heartfelt scenes.

Additionally, the whole script has received another editing pass and a bunch of scenes were revised in minor ways just to improve their feeling. We also made sure that the Aro/Ace version of Teal doesn't encounter any of the romantic moments in the game so you can just focus on the overall story without any awkward interactions.

There are two new music tracks in this update, one for Teal's ending and one for the final moment of the Bell Tech break-in. The credits music also received a little makeover so now it's extra polished!

Aside from that we included some minor changes and fixes to the game. We finally included an auto-advance feature so now you aren't forced to click to advance dialogue boxes. The emotion display of the mood meter has been updated to make it a little more obvious and legible. Some of the menus were tweaked to account for changes or additions and there have also been some bug fixes.

For the full list of changes you can simply head over to our changelog!

Current save files will still work with the game. If you saved right at a point where we changed or expanded a scene you might get some strange behavior as far as dialogue flow goes but that should be about it.
If you saved in the middle of the Bell Tech break-in before the update (more specifically at the meeting) you will most likely run into error messages but if you restart the day, all of that should be fixed!

Tomorrow we'll finally release the Special Edition Zine for anyone who wants some extra art, writing, info, behind the scenes content, or just wants to support us!

The soundtrack is already available for purchase on Bandcamp for 5€ but if you want to wait for the discounted bundle with the Zine, that will be available tomorrow as well.

Thanks for reading! We hope you'll enjoy the update and we'll be back when the Zine is released!

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