Devlog #38 - Back From the Hiatus!


It's been almost two months since our last proper devlog but now we're back to explain what we've been up to since then and to talk a bit about our current plans!

Before we went to the A Maze, we already mentioned that PECTIN was planning to go on a semi-hiatus for the majority of May but ultimately this turned into a proper hiatus for both of us because after the last two years we could really use an actual break.
We're sorry about the sudden radio silence but we hope you understand!

For the last two and a half weeks we've been back at it again, did a lot of planning, and started work on the //TODO: today Special Edition Zine (among other things). We're excited to show you more of all this once it's ready for your eyes!

But now on to our plans for the future:

The milestones we previously announced (releasing the Zine and a final polishing update for //TODO: today in July and then Act 3 of Brassica around September) haven't changed but we did more in-depth planning and decided to have a more regular schedule for our devlogs and other posts.

This means the return of weekly devlogs and PECTIN and I (eZombo) will take turns writing them again, so we hope you look forward to that!

Over the next few weeks, our Twitter account will be more active again, too, as we decided to answer the remaining questions you sent us as part of the Bestest Cupcake Poll there, with a new question every Monday and Friday.
Of course we will also compile them into a proper post here once all of them are answered but we thought this way we can bridge the gap until the release of the Zine a bit better.

The first question is going to be answered tomorrow and all the main characters will have something to say to it, so keep an eye on our Twitter if you want to know what it's going to be!

This pretty much covers all the plans that aren't just internal but of course we're going to keep you updated on our development progress as time goes on.
Next week PECTIN will be back with a more dev-related devlog about the competition artworks form //TODO: today~

Until then, we hope you have great day and thank you for reading this little update <3

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