//TODO: today - Bestest Cupcake Poll Results Part #3


It's been a while since the announcement of the second place winner, but we are finally ready to reveal who took the top spot of the Bestest Cupcake Poll!

While the ranking was still very close during the first few days of the poll, eventually someone developed quite a bit of a lead and only increased it towards the end. We won't keep it any longer from you, so without drawing it out any further:

With a total of 17 votes the first place winner is... Joyce! Specifically male Joyce. Their female version just barely missed the top three but here is the complete ranking for anyone who's curious about that:

  1. Joyce (m) - 17 votes
  2. Phoenix (m) - 12 votes
  3. Snow & Zen - 11 votes each
  4. Joyce (f) - 8 votes
  5. Phoenix (f) - 7 votes
  6. Teal (f) - 5 votes
  7. Teal (m), Teal (nb), SuujiDenchi - 2 votes each

Once again thanks to everyone who voted and who asked questions to the characters <3
Today we'll post the answer to another of those questions and in the not so far future we'll also post all the remaining questions and their respective answers, so don't worry if your question hasn't been answered yet!

All of this will also be compiled in the //TODO: today Special Edition Zine along with some more extra content we haven't mentioned yet~

But here's today's question:

Joyce, the world hosts so many different fashion cultures. What country influences your style the most?

Joyce: Well, if I'd have to narrow it down to one country, it would probably be Japan! Visually, us Joyces are all designed to symbolize technology and how far it's come, which is where the blue lines on my body come from for example!
But on top of that we're customized to fit the preferences of our respective user so in my case they added some influences from all kinds of media like anime, manga, and games! And I guess part of that is still deeply ingrained in me...

Teal: ...Every time you mention that I kind of feel the need to apologize.

Joyce: Oh, shush! It's not like that's a bad thing. Plus, now that I'm not restrained to just that anymore, I'm also inspired by real-world fashion!
I like Harajuku fashion because it takes these media influences and experiments with them for all kinds of interesting designs and ideas! That's something I try to do as well. And when I'm designing clothes just for myself, I'm not even restricted to the physicality of different fabrics or even physics in general~

Street fashion as a whole is often really inspiring and even beyond that, there are so many more interesting cultures and styles out there, but I think this is the one that influences me the most.

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Yes! Joyce, male or female is just the sweetest lil bean. I'm so glad Joyce is on the top. Such a cutie. >w<