//TODO: today - Bestest Cupcake Poll Results Part #2

Hi there!

We're back with the next part of the Bestest Cupcake Poll results, today with the second place winner.
As we mentioned last time, there was only a one vote difference between third and second place but that's still one more vote they got!
While we watched the results unfold over the voting period, they were actually neck and neck with Snow fighting for first place! Before someone else gained traction and pushed them down to second and third place respectively...

But anyway, with 12 votes, //TODO: today's second bestest cupcake is:

Phoenix! Specifically their male variation. The female version of Phoenix only managed to get to fifth place with 7 votes, but we'll announce all the positions of the characters once the top three have been revealed.

The first place winner will be announced over the coming days. But first we'll post the answer to another of your questions! This time one that has been asked to Phoenix specifically~

Phoenix, do you think Teal (m) is cute ??

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