//TODO: today - Bestest Cupcake Poll Results Part #1

Hey, hey!

It's been some time since the //TODO: today Bestest Cupcake Poll ended, but we're finally ready to announce the results!

To make things a little more exciting, we decided to split up the announcement into three parts and today we'll start with the third place.
It was a pretty close race and even with 77 total votes, a single vote could have made the difference between who's third and who's second.

It was so close that we actually have two third place winners! The two of them are even acquainted and probably don't mind sharing this title. But without further ado, with 11 votes each the Third Bestest Cupcakes are:

Zen and Snow!

We will announce the second place winner later this week so we hope you're excited to find out who it is!

Many of you also took the opportunity to ask questions to the characters (as well as some kind words here and there, thanks for that!) and we really enjoyed reading them all!
With each of these announcement posts we will also post the answer to one of the questions before releasing all of them at a later date.

So to start things off, here is one question that caught our eye because it is very much in the spirit of this contest:

"Speaking of cupcakes... if you could invent your own cupcake (flavor, name, design, etc.) what would it look like and what flavor/name would it be?"

Joyce: Ooh, that sounds fun! I wouldn't be able to eat it but I want my cupcake to be something that makes lots of people happy. Like a party! Cotton candy colors sound fun and I want to add some sprinkles on top so it looks like it's covered in confetti! But every good party needs a surprise, so let's also fill it with pudding. I think vanilla pudding would be a good fit and it would make for a nice texture inside, too! As for the name... I'm going to call it the Cotton Candy Pudding Party!

Teal: I want to make a cupcake with dark chocolate. And strawberries. But just that sounds pretty plain, so I thought: "Why not add a cute animal face on top?" It's gonna look so fancy, like the perfect treat to end an exhausting day! I'll call it the Chocolate Self Care Bear.

Phoenix: Mine should be fruity, so I think an orange filling would be nice. And some white chocolate chips in the dough as well. Pistachios would make for a nice color contrast, too, so lets add them as topping. There's a bird that fits this look almost perfectly so I'll call it the Orange Fruit Dove!

Zen: Oh man, my roommate was in Japan recently and brought back a bunch of sweets that I can't stop thinking about. I never knew bean paste could taste so good! So I think my cupcake should be matcha flavored and filled with anko. And maybe some lime frosting for a fruity twist~ I think I could put Pac-Man to shame eating those... Oh yeah, I wanna call it the Paku Paku Green Bean!

Snow: Hm, I want mine to be simple and classy. I've been reading a lot of historical novels lately and it really made me think about how to get the most out of limited settings. So I thought, mint and dark chocolate is a classic combination but adding some ground nuts as topping should make it a lot more interesting. Same character, but more crunchy. I'll call it A Break After Eight.

Ms. Cardhover: Cupcakes always remind me of my husband. He has such a sweet tooth, during our honeymoon he drank so much Piña Colada I thought he'd grow sick of it before the first week was over! But he sure didn't, haha.
I think a tropical cupcake would actually be nice. One that's coconut flavored with some pineapple pieces on top. And some rum inside~ Like the daytime version of my sweetie's favorite drink. I think I want to call it the Día Tropical!

Well, and that's it for today's post,  but we'll be back soon with the second place winner and the answer to another question!

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