Update on the //TODO: today Release

Hello! We're still hard at work to finish up the full version of //TODO: today and we are almost there.

The script is practically finished and only needs some more testing to make sure that everything works as intended and the majority of the art assets are also complete now.

Even so, we still need some time to finish the remaining tasks. We pushed hard to make the deadline today but as it stands it's just not possible for us to release the game before tomorrow.
The things that still need to be done now are two ending CGs, some more polish, and testing of all the different ways a playthrough can turn out depending on player choices (there are 20 different combinations of major story points and a few more minor ones).

We are confident that we will be able to finish all of this within two work days so even though we really wanted to avoid another delay, we will postpone the release until tomorrow evening (CEST) September 29th.

This release unfortunately doesn't include the bonus zine that we announced previously because we prioritized the development of the actual game. We will release the zine and the soundtrack at a later date with another update.

We hope you understand and don't mind waiting another day!

Regarding the second half, there is also something else we wanted to mention.
The update we will release tomorrow is content complete but still lacks some extras we initially wanted to include (namely some additional CGs and artworks, sound effects, and extra music). We considered whether we should wait until all of this is ready before we release the game but decided that the version we will release tomorrow is already enough for a proper full experience of //TODO: today.

We also have some scheduling complications that make it impossible for us to work full time on BL+ projects starting next month which is why it was important to us to finish //TODO: today before then.

That said, we still want to update the game eventually with all those things we mentioned but we'll announce more when that time actually comes.

In any case, even without those extras, the second half of //TODO: today will be released tomorrow and we think this extra day of development will be worth it!

We'll get back to work now because there is still a lot TODO… today.
And we definitely want to make sure to finish everything before the new deadline.

Thanks for reading this update and thank you for all your patience <3

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:O Is it still coming today?


That's alright! One more day's not much to wait. It sounds like it's going to be great either way, and you all are busy so it doesn't matter how much time you take-- whatever you make, it's always great!

You're almost there!

One more day isn't that much of a wait, and I'm sure it'll be worth it a million times! Good luck, I'm cheering for you (and eager to play too haha)!

Good luck! I look forward to the full version release :)