Devlog #30 - //TODO: today Release Getting Even Closer!

Hey everyone!

We're still busy finishing up part 2 of //TODO: today but here's our usual status report!
In our last devlog we wrote that we were predicting that we would have everything finished within the first two September weeks. Well, the first one is almost over and there's still a lot to do. Which means that we still can't say for sure on which day we will release the full game.

We will announce the date next week when it's easier for us to predict how much time we need exactly so stay tuned for that!
Something else we will post next week is the video we've been meaning to make for a while now.
And well, we've thought of something special in light of the upcoming release of //TODO: today's second half (∩❛ڡ❛∩)

But now to the part where we talk about what we've been up to since the last devlog:

Writing - eZombo

One of my main tasks these last few weeks was to further edit the script and insert all the character images, expressions, backgrounds, animations, etc. so there's actually something to look at aside from the text.

For the most part this is just busywork but it's also pretty fun and challenging to make sure the expressions match the text and flow well with the expressions that come before and after.
As of now about 50% of the second half's in-game days have been edited in this way and are now ready for testing!
This includes two of the biggest events that happen in the story so I'm pretty excited to see them in-game in an almost finished state.

Finishing up the soundtrack is another major tasks I've been working on but to keep things proper and orderly, let's move that to a different section...

Music - eerron

Since a large part of the soundtrack is already produced, the majority of the remaining tasks involve mixing and mastering so the tracks sound as good as they can and mesh well together.
The different songs vary quite a lot in terms of complexity so to avoid any last minute surprises I started mixing the most complex ones first. Phoenix's theme "Winged Necklace" is the first of these tracks that are fully mixed now so it sounds a lot clearer and also has been polished a little more.

Other than that there are still two new tracks that need to be produced, one of which is almost finished at this point.
Both of these tracks should be done next week, so then it's only a matter of finishing to mix and master everything!


Ok without trying to spoil too much for now. There's something I can show you. The WIP lines of a background I'm currently working on.

You might guess what this room is but I won't tell ya. O-O

And that's it for this week! Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for our video that's coming through next week! :DDDD

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I love reading the devlogs; it's interesting to see what you guys are working on! I'm super excited for the release!


ah thank youuu! we don't get much feedback on our devlogs but if it's helpful or somehow interesting to you, then we're glad! :'3


I know what TODO in next few weeks :) . I'm sure this is gonna be woth waiting :)

omg the pun  XD <33
thank you for your interest >u<


I am ridiculously excited for this release, I'm not gonna lie. The first half was phenomenally done and I can't wait for the second.

Wah thank you so much! We hope you'll like the 2nd part when it's up! :3333