Devlog #19 - We're Back!

Hey hi, we're finally back!

We're sorry about the long radio silence but the last few months have been pretty busy for us.
As we already mentioned in the last status updates, we were occupied with our bachelor thesis and project. This meant that while we originally planned to work on //TODO: today on the side, the workload ultimately increased too much and since our graduation was on the line we had to pause development on //TODO: today. But now the semester finally came to a close and we are back on track to devote our time to our BL+ projects!

As of now that's two projects: //TODO: today and our now ex-bachelor project Defaction (that we will finally announce properly next week).

Since managing two projects is a challenge even without university imposed deadlines, we reflected on what went wrong previously with our management and how to improve it.

As a result we recently made the transition to a new management tool which makes it a lot easier to keep track of tasks, milestones, and the time management aspect of them.
We made a backlog of all the tasks we have to complete before the second half of //TODO: today is finished aaand... came to a total of 376 working hours.
That sounds like a lot and it is, but it's also the total for both of us so some of the tasks can be worked on at the same time, reducing the total time necessary to complete all the work.

Nonetheless this still makes a total of at least two months of full time work and trying to fit it into our overall schedule we decided to aim for a release in August.
The reason why this is fairly late is because we won't be able to fully focus on //TODO: today before the end of May. This is unfortunate, especially because we barely got a chance to work on it since last November but considering all circumstances this is the best schedule we could make.

Up until May we will be busy with some Defaction related work that we can't say too much about just yet but there is a hard deadline involved so we don't have much room to adjust our schedule. Once that is done though, we will finally be able to solely focus on //TODO: today until it is complete. From late May until August, //TODO: today will be our top priority and all other projects will be on hold until its release.

We are nearing the one year anniversary of //TODO: today's original release and we are really grateful for everyone who stuck around since then, as well as everyone who came along after that.
We didn't plan or expect to still be working on it after such a long time, but we unfortunately couldn't do much about the pauses in development.

That aside, we're happy to finally have a clearer picture of when the game will be finished, and while that still means a bit of a wait, we hope that you don't mind too much.

We also plan to bring back our devlogs, but a little different than they were before. Every other week we will post about our work, our progress, and what happened in general at BL+. We will also get back to posting some more development progress on Twitter!

As always, thanks for reading these devlogs and we will be back in a few days with some more info on Defaction!

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Super excited for both Defaction and //TODO: when you have time!! :D

Hey, don't worry about it! This game is awesome, and it's totally worth the wait!

I can only wait :)