//TODO: today Version 0.9.2 Release Notes

Today we released a new version of //TODO: today with some smaller changes and new features.

The previous version 0.9.1 mainly featured minor bug fixes, so we didn't post release notes but this version adds some more functionality to the character creation process!

(If you want to see all changes, you can head over to our changelog)

Teal's appearance is not linked to pronouns anymore so even with He/Him or She/Her pronouns you are free to choose any of the two variants of Teal now. This feature was requested in a comment and we thought it was a good idea so we implemented it!

While we were at it we also added two options for Asexuality.
One of these options still lets you choose romantic preferences, so while you are not forced into romancing any of the characters it's still possible!

Other than that there are only small changes like slightly adjusted dialogue to accommodate for the new preference options, a new iteration of the bookstore music, and some icons for the executable to finally replace the default Ren'Py icon! (although we have nothing against Eileen...)

And that's pretty much it for this update.
Thanks for reading and we hope you like the new features!

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