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This was soo good, this is one of my first Dating Simulator games and I loved it, hoping to play part 2 

Thank you! We're happy you like it! 
There wasn't a whole lot of dating in part 1 but the second half will include some more options for that ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

I really like the art and characters and the customization of the protagonist is awesome too ^^ I can't wait to play part 2!


Happy you liked it all!^u^

We'll hope you'll like the continuation as well :3

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Thank you so much for making this game. At first, I thought it was another cutesy visual novel with all the bright colors everywhere. But I soon tasted a bit of darker undertones. Not to mention, this felt a little close to home. 

I also was pleasantly surprised with the results of the choices I made for sexuality. At first, it felt weird seeing a male version of Joyce because I expected a female like the store page's thumbnail, but it grew on me in such a way that I liked him a lot. 

I felt like this game tugged my heart in all sorts of directions. The mood gauge almost felt like life or death (and I was afraid to test out how low it could go). Characters were believable, especially customers at the protagonist's job (I lol'd). 

//TODO:today actually improved my mood. I forgot about things and let myself enjoy some escapism. 

Thanks again for creating this game! I'm looking forward to part 2.

Aaah thank you so much! We're happy that you liked the game and that it was relatable!
And it's great to hear that it helped to improve your mood. We wanted this game to feel genuine and honest so we're always happy to hear when someone can connect with it.

It's still going to be a bit until part 2 is finished but we're doing out best to make it as good as it can be, so we hope you'll enjoy that too when it comes out.
Thanks for playing <3

This is so good.... Made me cry like 3 times... And not much can make me cry! Congrats on that! I really can't wait for part 2!!!!!

Aaaw thank you! We're happy you enjoyed our game (。’▽’。)✧˖ °
We'll still be working on part 2 for a bit but we're aiming for a release in August right now (there's more info on this in our devlogs if you're interested).

Thanks for playing <3

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Ohmygod I loved it so much!! AKjfjfdhoij!!! First of all I really love the art like gosh dang, the color choices are amazing, its very aesthetic. The characters are so lovable I just I LOVE THEM ALL. I honestly can't wait for part 2, I'm so hyped. I can't even explain how much I enjoyed it and as an artist myself I can relate 150% relate to the protagonist.  This deserves to be on Steam when It's done. I really can't wait for what your guys' game has in store.

Aaah thank you! We're really happy you like it and that the protagonist is relatable!
We don't have any Steam related plans right now but maybe when the full game is done. 
It'll still be a bit longer until the second half is done but we hope you'll enjoy that too once it's released!

Thanks for playing <3

When the full game come out, will it be paid?

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As mentioned in the our 19# devlog, we posted last night, we're planning to release the full game coming August '18. ^-^

As of now we want the game to remain accessible for everyone, even after the complete game is up. However we're going to post about our plans regarding pricing, etc., in the future! Thanks for your interest :3

Boys Laugh +  I plan to download this game again because I love and miss playing it very much but I'm scared that I may have to redo all of my progress on the story, so I gotta ask will I have to start over or will it let me start again from where I left of (for the second half of the story)?

Btw: You (all) are amazing for even successfully programming and writing such a great game with an interesting plot to go with!

Thank you! We're really happy you like it!

And don't worry, your save file will carry over into the second half, so no need to start from the beginning once the full game is released.

Thanks for playing <3

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!!!! Oh my goodness I love this so much?? I was planning to wait until the game was finished but gosh I don't regret playing it now!!! It was so fun to do!! All the characters were so good! I like Snow a lot, but I do relate to them more seeing as I'm a writer, ehe. Joyce is another one of my faveorites though!! Kudos to you all to making such a good game!!

Ah and I forgot to say!!! But I'm super excited for part two!!!!

Eep! We're happy you liked the characters and could enjoy the game even though it's not done yet.  We hope you'll have fun with the full game once it's finished! And thank you for playing! >u<

I basically created an account just to comment how much I loved the game so far!! The overall aesthetic is right up my alley and the characters are all such lovable people. The music is especially nice as well~

Super excited for the second half!


Aah thank you! We're really happy you like it <3
We hope that you'll like the second half as well when it's finally done and we'll get back to posting some more of our development progress soon.

Thanks for playing!

I like it :) 

It's has great artstyle with iknteresting color scheme. 

I like all the characters. Seriously, all of them seem to be nice and interesting :) 

I'm sure a lot of people appreciate option to choose gender of MC and of love interests.

I know it's only 1st part of the whole story yet but I really like it right now. I'm wainting for full version:D 


Thank you! We're really happy you like it <3
We're only just getting back to work more on //TODO: today again but we hope when the full game is finally finished you'll enjoy that too!

AAAaaaa all the characters are just so cute and the colours are really aesthetically pleasing, especially inside that goddamn bookstore, I really like how all the charactes can have multiple versions, man that cliffhanger tho, goddamit Joyce why dont u love me :( Looking forward to the full game fighting~~


Thank youuu~ ! <3 So happy you liked it and the visuals could please your eyes!
Pectin fought hardest with the bookstore interior background, making your comment especially refreshing. Eep, Joyce just doesn't know how to show their love....yet. quq
We apologize for the untypically late reply, we kinda missed the notification on this one. >-<'

Is there more than an ending? I just wanna know before I play it again! By the way, I love the game, its very creative and beautiful!!


Aw, thanks again! :3 Yeah, we've written on the game page that there are definitely going to be three endings with variations depending on the choices you've made along the game.

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This game is rad, really enjoyed it, and the art style is gorg. Just wondering, are the achievements for the first part, or the entire game? <3


Glad you liked it! :D Yes, the achievements have been laid out for the entire game. A bunch of them will be unlockable by playing the second half. ;>

When will the second part come out? I really want to play it! By the way, great game!!

We unfortunately still don't have an exact release date because we didn't get many chances to work on //TODO: today recently. We explained a bit about that in our devlogs, but development should speed up a lot again in March. And thanks! We're happy you like our game <3

This game is so gorgeous!!! I really love the aesthetics and music and the characters!

Thank you! We're really happy you like it <3

This game is amazing!!! I love the music, the art style, the concept, the story, the entire game is just fabulous. Can't wait for the second part, and also I almost cried when Joyce left... :'( [Plz come back to me] Well done! :D

Thank you! We're happy you like it! 
It will still take a bit longer until the second half is done but once we can focus on just //TODO: today again work should go a lot faster. And well... maybe even Joyce will come back again in some way...

Thanks for playing <3

add portuguese translation please!!!

Hey thanks for the interest in our game! We're still in the process of finishing it but once it's done we might consider translating it into different languages

This game is so damn adorable and meets all of my criteria for a great visual novel (changeable pronouns/sexualities,  fabulous visuals, awesome text, etc). Can NOT wait for part two of this game (cAnT eVeN ~ )

Thank you! We're really happy that you like it! 
We're still working on Part 2 and it'll take a bit longer because we can't work on it full-time right now but we'll try to post updates about our development progress as we finish it.

Thanks for playing <3


Just finished the game, and I have to say, it's really awesome! I am looking forward to part two! :D Even though I really, really liked it, I wish there was some more interaction with the protagonist's guild friends! They were really interesting and funny from what I got to see! The art is really pretty, too! Having to say goodbye to Joyce wasn't the easiest thing because I was really fond of her (like a best friend of some sort~) but I sort of have the feeling she's not gone just yet... +_+

And to end this, I don't trust Phoenix :') But it's just a feeling in my gut, I guess, and I'm proooobably wrong about him, haha.

Thank you! We're really happy that you enjoyed the game :D
It's always great to see how people react to the characters differently and once Part 2 is released you'll probably find out if your gut feeling was right or not... Or if Joyce will make another appearance~

Development will take a bit longer still and we'll most likely post another devlog about our current progress soon but we want to finish Part 2 as soon as we can.
Thanks for playing <3

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GOSH this game was sosososo good! The art style is just stunning, the writing just flows so well, I totally enjoyed this all the way through and I'm like SO ANTSY for part two, no joke!! One of my favorite VN's on this site; I honestly can't stop foaming at the mouth over for this. Just curious, though, are there any endings where Joyce doesn't leave? To say I was absolutely torn when they left would be an understatement--I'm VERY sure I'm still recovering. xDD

But anyways, this game is great! Teal's just such a relatable MC, and so many moments of this just really hit straight home for me. I'll definitely be following the development for this!

Thank you so much for all the kind words! We're really happy that you enjoyed our game :D

Joyce always leaves at the end of part 1. It would have been nice to have some variation there but since this event influences everything that happens afterwards it would have significantly increased the workload to have multiple outcomes at that point already :'D
The branching only really starts in part 2 but even if you can't see it yet, most of the choices from the first half already influence all of that!

Unfortunately we can't work full-time on //TODO: today right now, but we're glad you're looking forward to part 2 and we hope you'll enjoy that as well when it comes out!

Hello and good day! I love this game so much, my favorite characters is snow and joyce hehe i was so sad when joyce leaves ;-; this game was awesome im so hyped for part 2!! Its pastel, very pretty artstyle, interesting story! Keep up the great work and have a good day♡



Thank you! We're really happy that you like our game :D
We're trying to make part 2 as good as we can, so hopefully you'll like that as well when it's finally released.

Have a good day, too <3

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I played the first demo a while back and I have to say, I'm loving all the edits and improvements you guys made with this new demo! Felt as engaging and fresh as my first time through. This is definitely one of my favorite visual novels on the site.

The new "date" with Phoenix (I like to think it was a date, even though MC didn't haha!) was adorable; I really felt like we got to know Phoenix well (that blush! so cute). 

Pectin's background and character art is incredible as always, I find myself pausing the game just to look at the detail of everything and the gorgeous color scheme! I remember seeing a post-it note on the right wall of the computer desk graphic. that says “TODO today: work eat sleep," which made me smile. :')

Not sure if these are new updates or not (working off of my memory right now), but I really like the text animation—how each line of text pops up like in a conversation with breaks—as well as the new background music, how it's perfectly timed. So good. That cake party with MC's coworkers was adorable and the conversation with Joyce about sarcasm made me laugh out loud.

A couple comments—I know how much effort you two put into this game and it's already pretty incredible, but I figured I'd leave them here in case you're interested.

  • Add transitions when switching to different locations? For ex., in the beginning, the scene switched immediately from the computer repair shop to teal’s bedroom, and it felt a bit jarring
  • Inner dialogue is edited down, and improved from before yay! but it’s still a little too heavy, feels like writers are point-blankly telling us what MC is going through rather than actually show it in action and let the reader experience is. I know that the novel deals a lot of MC’s self-reflection about their life and career but clicking through lines of them just talking to themselves still drags a bit. 
  • If you don't want to condense the text, maybe consider adding more activities? or even just spread out the inner monologue and disperse it here and there in different scenes.
  • Skin color variation for MC customization would be awesome!
  • Snow’s pronouns—I noticed MC referred to Snow as "they," and Zen referred to Snow as "he." (I played the new demo about a month ago so not sure if this is still the case.) I was wondering if Snow goes by both he/him and they/them pronouns, or if that was a typo. 
  • Joyce’s departure feels out of place, especially right as MC is forming a relationship with phoenix. Joyce’s points about perpetuating loneliness are are true and apply to MC, but with the timing of the events—how MC is starting to branch out right when Joyce drop that bombshells—it doesn't really make sense. Maybe if MC was getting doubtful again or closing themself off, and then Joyce gave us the talk, it would flow more smoothly.

(these are all notes I scribbled down while playing the game a while back hahaha! hope they're readable)

Still amazed by the incredible work you two put out in this game! I really enjoy reading all your dev logs and seeing all the detail that goes into a game like this. I think MC's story is one that a lot of students and people can relate to, and it's a important one to be told. <3 Thanks again for all your hard work! I'm so excited to see what's in store for Part 2.


Thank you so much! We're really happy that you like the game (and the changes) <3

And thanks a lot for the feedback! 
The transitions being to immediate is a good point. Fixing that shouldn't be too much trouble either.
Teal's inner monologues and how long-winded they can be is something we're aware of and once our to-do lists are a bit shorter we'll try to edit them some more. 
Skin color variations is something we wanted to include but we'll have to see if we can fit this into our schedules. Still, we're aware that this is another important point for inclusion, so even if we don't find the time to implement it in //TODO: today, we'll make sure to include it in our plans early on for future projects!
I checked the script where Zen and Snow talk and the only "he" pronoun was in one of Snow's lines, so if this was a typo it seems to be fixed now. 
Joyce's departure feeling out of place is another fair point! The way it is now mostly works if Teal is more focused on Joyce than on Phoenix. We'll take a look if we can edit it a bit more so it makes sense in either situation.

Feedback like this is really helpful, so thanks again! Unfortunately we can't promise to address all of it as our schedules are already pretty packed, but we'll do what we can and definitely keep it in mind as we work on finishing it!

We hope we'll manage to finish part 2 soon and that you'll enjoy that, too! 
Thanks for playing! (again) <3

The art style is in this game is so amazing !!
AI is so cute looking too ~
funny with the game chat and choices  possibilities (^3^)~♪

Thank you! We're really happy you like it (。’▽’。)♡

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Aaaah, someone beat me to it with a fanart, hahaha.

Here's a fanart of mine that I have been postponing forever, since I don't have a Joyce to push me and support me to actually finish it. (There are some inaccuracy, but oh well. Too lazy to fix it now!)

There's a lot of things I want and could say about the Visual Novel, but it's going to end up like a wall of text and the comment section might not be the right place to post it.

I hope I'll get enough motivation to keep practicing and become a good enough artist so I can create neat stuff like a Visual Novel as well.

Aaah that's really cute! And the attention to detail is great! 
Getting fanart is really exciting so thanks for drawing Joyce <3

Motivation can be tricky and it's different for everyone but we hope you'll find something that works for you! Teal's struggle with it is partly based on personal experiences so it only shows one side of it but we're trying to also show some other perspectives as the game progresses.

Thanks for playing (and drawing) and we wish you  good luck with your art!

Thanks for reply! Motivation has always been an extremely huge struggle for me, I never really improve since I always get too demotivated after a month and don't draw at all. And after like a year I try again and the cycle just repeats itself haha. Maybe drawing just isn't really for me, but when I think at all the ideas I could express in drawings... (Visual Novels that I could make, comics that I could make, etc.). That is what makes me want to try again. (Though my motivation usually don't last).

I do have to say the pacing of the visual novel is pretty good. It isn't too long winded and tedious as some other indie visual novels I've read. Teal's situation at the start of the VN is also very relatable, (aside that Teal is already decent at drawing). I might redo the drawing in a later time just to adjust a few things here and there, but that's if I manage to continue to practice and get a bit better at it, haha.

Hey, writer of BL+ here. I thought I'd reply with my own account since I'll be mostly speaking from my own experience.

I might be kind of in the same boat as you in terms of 2D art. I enjoy it but only draw occasionally since I quickly get demotivated again. That's probably partly because I want to improve and have high standards but they aren't really realistic considering how little I draw.
I think having high standards and being ambitious is theoretically a good thing but in my experience it can also make you feel pressured to improve quicker than you actually can. But of course it's difficult stay patient when you're not improving as quickly as you want to.

Something else I realized is that great technical skill or being good in all aspects of art isn't necessarily necessary for good art. Take ONE for example: his art-style and linework maybe aren't the most elaborate but when it comes down to it, the atmosphere and composition usually still pull you in. Of course that only works because he's making comics where there are more aspects to it than just the art but I think it's worth thinking about what aspects you are good at and if you can somehow make that the foundation of your art.

If you want to make comics or visual novels it might also help you to look into paneling, cinematography, or narrative techniques and how you can use them in combination with your art skills.
For example, if I were to make a visual novel on my own I would probably use a fairly minimalistic art-style where I can make use of my knowledge of graphic design and composition and try to carry the rest with story, writing, or sound.
I don't know how interested you are in things other than visual art but at least for me it usually helped to learn about other disciplines when I felt demotivated in one.

Anyway, I probably know too little about your situation to really give good advice but maybe some of it was still helpful...

Also I'm glad you like the pacing! I sometimes feel like parts of it are still a bit slow but it's good to hear otherwise ^^

I can relate with you with the wanting to improve, but not improving fast enough. And I 100% lose my patience really fast, because often I just feel like I haven't improved at all. Sometimes I feel like I did a fluke that looks good and I can't replicate it anymore in the future, it feels like I've gotten worse. It's all in my head, but I can't shake the negative feeling off.

ONE is amazing and I'm pretty jealous of him. I'm pretty sure he's fairly decent with his art, but he just intentionally doesn't as much effort in it as he could have and his manga is so nice.

I actually have some experience and knowledge with Paneling, Narrative techniques, etc. (Scott McCloud's book or PDF files talks so in depth about it and it's lovely), but I haven't really been practicing it at all. I probably should start doing some comics, even if it looks horrible. Cinematography is something I'm somewhat practicing, so I at least have that. I'm not really passionate about these subjects, but I do look into them and try to understand them. I probably would want to try and write stories aside from Visual Art, since I can later on apply it and make a VN or Comic out of it. I don't know why, but I feel like I need to get good with basic art first before I do that, while I know that it's better to practice a few multiple things at once, instead of just solely 1 thing. I'm not really good at writing either, so that's probably why.

As for the Visual Novel, overall I did think the pacing was pretty good. I do agree with you there are slow parts. I do have my criticisms, but I decided to not start, since I won't be able to stop and it'll end up being a huge wall of text hahaha.

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I think if you feel like you should focus on visual art first then that's probably what you should do. Switching between different disciplines works for me but everyone is different and it's even harder to be motivated when you don't really want to do something.
Problems like these are tricky because it's mostly psychological. But something I've been practicing is to not feel bad when I have days where I'm not very productive or creative. That was actually one of the ideas behind //TODO: today and one of the messages I want to bring across, that sometimes just doing a little is at least better than doing nothing even if it doesn't bear big results. And sometimes it's just important to rest and take time off (although it's difficult to feel like this is actually for the sake of productivity :'D) 
Of course that doesn't change quality or improvement but I think even there it's helpful to try to accept that there are days where you are better or worse than usual.

I haven't completely solved this problem either so there's not really much else I can add, but I think ultimately everyone has to find an answer for themselves anyway (although taking a look at other people can still be a valid way to get there). I hope this wasn't completely off the mark for your situation!
And fair enough with the criticism :'D If you still feel like sharing it and don't want to post a wall of text you can contact me at

Hi uh I made some fanart uh hope you like it

Aww that's great! Thanks for drawing Teal :D

No problem im glad you think its good ^^!

can I date Suuji thanks


(Taken from our devlog)


I really enjoyed the game! I finished all of the first part in a few hours, >_< but anyway I love the way the game is made. Especially the chance to choose pronouns and sexual preference! I like the artwork and the amount of decision making, it feels like I'm actually Teal, heh. I can't wait until the rest is out! I really look forward to it. <3

Thank you! We're really happy that you enjoyed the game!
Giving the player some control over Teal's situation was important to us so we're glad to hear that you liked the amount of choices. We're doing our best to finish the second half in the near future and we hope you'll enjoy that as well once it's out!
Thanks for playing <3

Amazing game so far, I'll be looking forward for more of it!

Thank you! We're happy you enjoyed it <3

Absolutely Loved this game when I played it, full of amazing content, great artwork etc and the whole AI leaving part made me legit cry bc I was so sad , don't want to come across as rude but I'm really curious as to weather a date has been established for the release of the second part, I know it says later this year but just curious

Thank you! We're really happy that you enjoyed our game <3

Unfortunately we don't have a clear release date right now. There were a few dates we aimed for previously but ultimately we had to delay the release of the second half (If you're interested, we elaborated a bit on this in last week's devlog). Right now we're trying to finish the game as quickly as possible but to avoid another delay we'll hold off on announcing another release date until we're really sure that we can make it in time


Amazing first half, looking forward to where the story goes!


Thank you! We're happy you like it <3


awa!! i just played it and wowie it's amazing!! I love!! Its really sad that it only has one part, but i wish good luck to the developer(s)!!

the dialogue seems very realistic and flows well, the art is just oN POINT!! and i love all the character designs too! golly gee literally everything about this game is amazing and wowowowowow

cant wait for the 2nd part! (>uo)b

Aw, thank you! We're really happy to hear that you liked it! 
And thanks for the good luck! There's still quite a bit of work left, but we'll try to keep everyone posted on our progress.

Thanks for playing <3



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This game is..... really hitting home for me.

I'm a trans gal who struggles with depression and dropped out of college and has a buncha other issues. I even have been saying to myself, no joke, how much I'd appreciate having a personal assistant that's more useful than like, siri or whatever.

I only played like 40 minutes of this but I legit started playing this game feeling pretty depressed and I stopped for now but I'm actually feeling hopeful. Idk if you thought this game would have this kinda impact on people but it's definitely having an impact on me.


We were hoping that people could connect with the game because it's about a few things that are important to us. Giving a hopeful outlook on situations like the one Teal is facing is definitely one of our goals although unfortunately it's not complete yet so the conclusion is still missing.
Above all we wanted the story to feel genuine and even if things aren't always great, we wanted to keep at least a small bit of positivity. The second half will hopefully add to that because the current ending isn't how it will ultimately end, but it will still take a few weeks until it's ready.

We're happy that something we made could make you feel a little more hopeful and we hope things will get better for you! (Although we know how difficult it is to deal with depression)
Thanks for playing <3

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i agree with like everything she said. everything is the same for me. i felt a huge power trip being able to be so productive and socialize and do all the stuff. i afterwards played the route where i just declined everything cause thats how i really am lol

im really looking forward to the full release..

and like yeah i love the pronoun/attraction/character selection choice at the start since its so important and a easy way to make youre game so much more accessible for lgbt folk. im working on a visual novel myself and i have made the pronouns being selectable


We're really happy to hear that! The second half will differ quite a bit depending on the decisions from the first half but we hope that each path will expand a bit on everything that's already there.

We were trying to make the game more inclusive with the pronoun and preference selection so it's always great to hear when it's appreciated! And it's always exciting to see other games that add options like this because we'd love to see the medium become more inclusive! Good luck with your visual novel and thanks for playing our game <3

I'm not trying to be offensive but I think you might benefit from some professional help.

No offense taken my friendo, I'm actually doing a lil better now since I posted that comment, mainly due to the professional help I've been getting. 

But seriously thanks for saying that, that was really nice of you <3

I found this game yesterday and I got hooked! The writing and art is wonderful and I'm in love with the characters and concept! I also loved the whole choosing pronouns and sexuality thing, it's something I wish was implemented in more games so I thank you guys for it!! 

I don't usually leave reviews so I don't know what to say but this game was really good! Thank you guys for putting so much care into it and I can't wait for part 2! B^)

Thank you! We're happy you like the game!

We also hope that it will become more common to let players choose pronouns and preferences in games (especially when there's romance).
The wait for part 2 shouldn't be too long now but we'll announce more when we can say for sure!

Thanks for playing (and commenting) <3

Man, I played this like, what a few months ago, and I loved it. The cutoff part was amazingly heart wrenching. The art is, so amazing its so soft in colour. I don't even know where to begin or start with the amazing characters, but everything is so awesome and adorable. The music fits the mood and its just perfect. There is obviously a lot of love and care that has been put into this project.

Thank you so much for the kind words! We just started this project because we wanted to make a visual novel but seeing the response has been amazing. We're really happy that you enjoyed the game and we'll do our best to make the second half just as good!

Thank you so much Boys Laugh!

I have never enjoyed a visual novel so much, I have played this about a month ago and wondered if part two would ever come out. However the Dev logs had given me a new found hope, I was extremely pleased to find out the game was being worked on (and that we were updated every week). I have found it challenging to fill the hole in my soul you guys made with that cliffhanger and I eagerly await for part 2 .

P.S. Don't rush it

P.S.S  Not that you would :)

Thank you! This really means a lot to us <3

We want to make sure that the game turns out good, so don't worry, we won't rush it.
Even so, we'll do our best to finish it soon and comments like this one give us even more motivation to keep going.

So thank you! We're happy you like our game!

I played this like... a month ago? and I feel in love with it from the start! it already got my interest with the "choose gender and interest"  but once I played I found out that it was so much more than that! Maybe I love this so much because I find the protagonist to be like me 100% but even so the rest of the story, the world, the characters... it's all so charming! I really wish to see this finished and I'll wait for as long as it takes.

Thank you so much! We're really happy that you enjoy the game!
There has been a bit of a delay but we're trying to finish the rest of the game in September, so hopefully it won't be that much of a wait anymore. We're excited for people to play the full game and we hope you'll enjoy the second half, too <3

this game rocks. I love everything about it. Unfortunately I didn't realize it was unfinished. Now I'm emotionally invested in the story and eagerly awaiting part 2 ;~;

Thank you! We're happy you like it!
And sorry about the wait. We'll try to finish part 2 as soon as possible!

I love the art style as well as the music! The feeling of wanting to accomplish something while being unmotivated was all too real.  And I also want to become an artist but question if I'm cut out for it. Even the way that the protagonist worded it made me relate. The only two things that I didn't relate to was the protagonist's love for pizza and anime, and that they are an only child. Anyways, I love the game and can't wait for the second part.

Ps. That Fire Emblem poster in the bedroom was a pleasant surprise.

Thank you! We're happy to hear you enjoyed the game! 
The doubts and worries of the protagonist partly come from personal experiences, so we know how difficult it can be to let go of such feelings. Dealing with that is one of the major themes of the game, so we're always happy to see when our story resonates with people. Even if we're in no position to give advice we hope you find out what works for you and we'll try to finish part 2 in the near future so you can experience the full game!

Thanks for playing <3

This is such a great game, I can't wait for part 2! 

[This is gonna contain some spoilers btw]

I love the pastel colors and the art style, it's so cute, also I felt so happy that I could choose they/them pronouns and the sexual/romantic preferences. I found the mc so relatable it's kinda sad, but Snow is my favorite character i love them so much I wanna hug them. Is that weird? Sorry, they're a smol bean I need to protect.

I was confused cause I got the male version of Joyce and here were I live (Brazil) Joyce is a "girl's name", but that's okay I got used to it, I still can't believe what happened to him at the end, I got so attached to him. 

Phoenix... I love her too ugh all the characters are awesome, I need to know who will the art competition! I'm so into this game I started playing it last night and here I am writing a comment about it. 

Thank you! We're really happy that you liked our game and the characters!
We tried to choose gender-neutral names for everyone but apparently that didn't quite work out for Joyce :'D
It's good to hear that you got used to it though.

We'll try to finish part 2 as soon as possible but we will announce more as soon as we can estimate a more specific date.
Thanks for playing <3

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