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okay but the doc martins in the corner of phoenix's room-

with the cuffed jeans-

and belt-



i loved this game! i just went thru and got the teal and phoenix endings and I'm def going back for the joyce ending. this game was so relaxing and fun to play! i also really enjoyed the message about working hard to have the life u want, it really resonated w/ me since I try to follow a similar lifestyle. thank u for making this amazing game! 


This game is so wonderful!!!! I love the art style and the story is engaging. I haven't finished my storyline yet but I'm in love.


hahahahahaaaa, i lived my silly little life, i worked at the silly little bookstore, i won the silly little art contest, and then i went back to zen's route and realized i coudl do CRIMES?? omg replaying this asap

Thank you for making the amazing game Developers. I loved every minute of it. The art style was amazing. The freedom to be and like (or not like) whoever you want is awesome. And finally managed to get the last achievement on it : Homelessness. Luckily I had Joyce in that playthrough. I can't just leave my characters in a bad situation. Still lovely premise. Maybe I'll check out the rest of your games. Phoenix and Joyce and Teal endings were the only ones I got.


came back to say i just noticed the fire emblem poster on teal's wall and somehow i'm even more in love with this game than i was before

Amazing game! <3


Such an adorable and wholesome game! I really enjoyed playing it; thank youuuuu (and the fact that i've always been obsessed with AIs helped a lot!) <33

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Wow, //TODO: today is just so amazing with how it shows some of the struggles of being an artist. I loved how small aspects of the characters that somehow seem so familiar with myself at least. I had dropped art for a few years and when I started to draw again it was hard to start. I seemed to loose my motivation just when I wanted to start on a project, and having to take an art course while going through this was a huge struggle for me. ( this is still a problem to this day) So to see another character go through similar struggles of myself just kind of felt reassuring? The main art colors are very pleasing to look at, I didn't even seem to get tired of the lighter colors which is new for me, the character and background art look very pleasing to the eye so I applaud you for that. All in All this was a very lovely game to play! :D.  

I also loved the fact that you could choose your pronouns, and sexuality that was such a cool bit to include. 


I stumbled upon //TODO: today during the biggest art block of my life. This game helped me a lot and I really appreciate it! Many of Teal's struggles really resonated with me! Thank you guys so much for creating this great game! <:


First things first. I got so hooked on this game the first play through took me around 6 hours and man was it worth it. I loved all the cute anime references, considering I lost interest in it a while ago it was pretty nostalgic especially seeing the first manga I ever finished referenced. The colour scheme was also one of the most refreshing things I've ever seen in a visual novel. The way it contrasted the topics tackled was pretty smart in its own way, kinda like an upbeat song with sad lyrics. Honestly the thing I loved the most was the way the story line coincidentally somewhat mirrored my current situation.

I'll definitely be playing this again for the rest of the achievements.


I dont think I can properly say how much i genuinly love this game!! From the writting, to the art, to the gui itself, the game was amazing! This was the first time where I related to a character so much, i felt what they did on a personal level. Teal and Phoenix's characters really spoke to me b/c somehow I managed to be the same way as both of them. Where I don't feel good enough in my art and try to figure things out on my own, to where I work too much for something and in the end wonder if I wasted my time. I'm not gonna lie, I really almost cried and some points because of the genuine sound advice that was said in the game. Even though its just a game, I really did appreciate the things that were said and I really want to apply the advice Joyce & Teal said on to my own life. :)

Aw yes this so great, and I love how you written protag and the story!! Also bonus for options hooray! The art is lovely, I love the inclusion of their different styles too- that was a nice touch! (and thanks for giving me flashbacks for my art classes that ignited my flight or fight response yay :) )


This is such a cute game uwu. It was very relatable but also had such cute graphics that kept me interested, to anyone who is thinking of playing, please do and good luck and hope you enjoy playing! :D

Nice graphics!

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gosh it's a shame i can't romance zen


My brother's name is Phoenix lmao and I put my own name which felt weird but,,,


This game is beautiful, sweet and sincere - and so much fun! I love the characters, the challenge of making decisions and the inclusivity in terms of gender identity. I identified heavily with the protagonist, art, depression and bullying being topics that play a big role in my life too. I almost felt like Joyce was talking to me, which helped me feel better. I can highly recommend this <3

THIS. IS. A. CUTE. GAME. AAA. I've been playing fantastical, "I will make you have a heart attack" games lately but this one is a refreshing one. I like the conflict that happens between the MC and Joyce, because both of them weren't wrong. But in the end, they needed each other, and it really warmed my heart. I like how you also gave the choice to study art/etc. or go to sleep, because that's a real, relatable conflict right there! I feel like I also have to mention that I like the song on the end credits. It's my fave song from the game, had to hear it again from the extras! Keep up the good work!


This is one of the few games that genuinely made me cry, I love this game.


Aww that was so wholesomee :,) I really loved and enjoyed the game, the storyline was interesting and I liked the charactors alot. SNOW & JOYCE ARE SUCH CINNIMON ROLLSS QWQ


This is probably the first game I've ever put in my money only after playing through the entire thing. I don't tend to buy visual novels up front, since I won't know whether I would actually like the product or not. But this game ended up being not only free, but also quite enjoyable with such a relatable main character, an interesting plot, and also quite the dynamic cast, I especially enjoyed the way Zen was written: he's definitely a chaotic good ahaha. The Special Edition Zine also shows how much thought and care went into the development of the game, and also brings insight upon what it takes to make a game we can love. Kudos.

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Really enjoyed this game, pretty much binged played it in one day haha. Love the art style, so pretty and nothing too complicated and overwhelming. Loved the storyline for both love interests and the fact that there is a choice for sexuality preference including asexual and gender. Feels good to play a game that doesnt cater to one specific audience. On a side note a meter for how much money you had would have been a little easier for me to accept or decline shifts at the bookstore because I didn't really want to work all the time but didn't want to be homeless either lol.

I love this game so much! One of the few VNs out there where the characters seem realistic and well-thought out. I was pleasantly surprised by the length, honestly I was expecting something much shorter considering that it's free but it ended up lasting me a lot longer and I really got attached to the characters! Female Joyce is so adorable uwu (and honestly I love suuj) It was really cool that you added the option to choose pronouns, and it's really rare these days for there to be an option to almost fully customize your sexuality. Overall it's a great story that's both gripping and adorable!!!

I love the game! The character designs are gooorgeouuss. The choice to be ace + aro? Choosing your own pronouns?? <333

Can't help but to relate with the MC :( I DO want the best for you but i also wanna finish the game 100% bb i'm sorry :(

I'm not very keen on the conversation pace though. It was too much clicking for too short of a sentence for me. But that's my personal opinion. It kinda help with the pace + mood of MC since they talk to themselves a lot but sometimes it was too many for me.

I had a problem with saving the first time i played it. I pressed save but then there's a tab that pops up and said that i couldn't save and showed me a string of code that saved itself as a note in the folder. It titled itself "traceback.txt". Then all the options at the bottom just dissapeared. I just played again and this time i could save though so *wipes sweat from forehead*

I don't know if it was a fever dream but i vividly remember that Zen's route is a secret route but idk if that's true cuz my fever was pretty high pls confirm

And suuj if you're out there :


wait there's a zen route WHATTTTTTTT (how do you reach it yes I think it is hidden pls tell me)


Very well thought of VN..I just got done with first playthrough...I really enjoyed it. There was many twists and turns that makes this VN stay out from the rest of those VN's across the websites. There was some moments I shared a tear..I give this 1000/10 rating..Great Job..

i LOVE this game with all my heart! its genuinely my favorite game ive played. im currently making fan art :^ 

I love the References to fire emblem in the Characters room! love the game! absoulutly would reccommend to friends!

So nice! I loved it! Makes me so happy!

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You have no idea how in love I am with the male version of Joyce like I want my own Joyce, please. The story is very well-written and the art is the cutest I have ever seen before and just, everything about it feels so real like, I'm actually the female protagonist. Looking forward to your future works! This is the kind of VNs that we should be supporting and funding! Take my money! Great job! <3

PS: Joyce is best boi 4ever

PSS: I was actually curious if there was a chance we could meet Suuj in real life but guest not. I was planning to romance him first since I play a lot of MMORPG and I really can relate with the guild chat thingy and stuff. But is okay!


IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME-it's so well written and all the characters are so fleshed out that you can't help but love them. The protagonist you play as is also relateable and it really makes you feel immersed in the game. So many path branches you can chose to do, and overall just an amaxing, well drawn, funny game thats super insanely fun to play. 


It made me feel so included that i could choose asexual + who im romantically intrested in UwU <3

My god. I marathon-ed this game all night. The character reminds me so much of myself that I really connected with them. I was very happy with the game and honestly this has to be one of my favorite games now, the story and beautiful art spoke to me and even brought me to tears more than once. Thank you so much for the amazing experience. I'll be supporting the game later, as soon as I squeeze past this month on my artist's wage (Or lack thereof) xD not even joking.


It means a lot to us that we could reach a fellow artist like this qwq

We hope you'll find the time to treat yourself kindly to a good night of sleep and a maybe a piece of chocolate. Thank you for playing! :'3

(Pectin: PLS KEEP UR MONEY GOOD PERSON! being poor is hard enough TuT)


Haha, Thank you. :> I also wanted to say... This is the first time I feel represented fully by a game. I got to be completely myself, nonbinary, asexual, and homoromantic. I can't begin to tell you how good that feels. In an industry crowded by games marketed for cis gendered and heterosexual people, it's a breath of fresh air and I think I will hold onto this memory forever. <3 I just wanted to say that, I hope you all continue on and do wonderful things. <3


Joyce is best boy uwu. Also, when Joyce comes home, the moment would have felt more touching if the protagonist said, "welcome home" or "welcome back" (at least in my opinion). Overall, much love for the game (:

Aa. Thank you for playing! :D

Oh well. Our hero was too surprised by Joyce' appearance to remember their manners...(and us probably too :V)

Deleted 1 year ago

Hi, sorry about that! There currently is no auto advance but we are planning to make it available with the next update. 
In the meantime, if it makes it any easier on your wrists, you can also advance dialogue with "space" or "enter". But we understand that there is a lot to click through either way so we'll definitely include the auto option.

Thanks for letting us know and we're glad you like the game otherwise <3

Deleted 1 year ago

I have a question. If the love interest Phoenix can be male or female depending on what the player prefers, and my character is bisexual, does that mean the game will give me either female Phoenix or male Phoenix, choosing randomly which one it gives, like a lottery or bingo?

Hi! That's correct. It isn't explained in-game but if you choose "either" in the bi options, the gender is randomly chosen. If you want to control this, the romantic preferences set the gender for Joyce and the sexual preferences set Phoenix's gender. We hope that makes it a bit clearer!


This game is something that I can't even express my full love for. There's immediately full acceptance for all gender expressions, sexualities, interests, etc. It has a wonderful story with believable (and at times hilarious) dialogue. It has a really cool atmosphere. The art style is perfect, I am in love with all of the characters. It's an amazing game. I just love this so much and can not wait to see what you do in the future. <3

Aw thank you so much <3
And sorry for the late reply! We really appreciate your comment and are happy you like the game so much! We wanted to tell an inclusive and down to earth story so we're always happy when people appreciate this.
Again, thank you for all the kind words and we hope you'll like our current and future projects as well!


uhh what is the actual gender of Snow


snow is snow and snow is love

how long does it take before you can save it? or does it just save automatically?

Hi! You can save at any point in the game, just press the right mouse button or use the buttons below the text-box to enter the save menu. Hope that helps!

can someone tell me how to get the "You Own!" achievement?


If you didn't unlock it already, I think you have to do well at the bookstore. I'm not sure if you have to fail in joining the competition, but that's how I got it.

Hi, sorry it took us so long to reply! Ewan already got it right but just to confirm, the competition does get prioritized so if you want the You Own achievement make sure you don't win it.

Thanks for playing and we hope you got that achievement! <3

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