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I loved the demo, and i was so happy when this came out!! I only got around to playing it now, but everything was totally worth the wait!! Thank you for making this wonderful game \(^0^)/

Thank you! We're glad that it was worth the wait for you and that you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for playing <3

Just finished the game and I loved it ! Is there any way to get together with Joyce tho? I prefer him/her over Phoenix :D

Thank you! We're happy you enjoyed the game! And there is a way to get together with Joyce. The easiest option is to turn on the route help in the settings to see indicators which choices are for which route, but you can also just try to spend as much time with Joyce as possible and try to keep some distance to Phoenix (even though you can still be friendly with them).

We hope that helps and thanks for playing <3

Okie, thank you ! I guess I was always too nice to Phoenix :D I didn't want to be rude to him/her xD 


Part 2 was amazing! I loved the ending with Phoenix. Teal's speech about finding new dreams really hit home for me; their story and Phoenix's story really resonates with anyone who's ever worried that they wasted time while pursuing their passions. I didn't play the other routes, but I love the message that there's a lot of paths you can take in life, and they'll all work out some way or another. Teal finds happiness regardless of what career path they go down. 

I enjoyed following Teal as they found themselves and learned to take care of their mental health :). The drawings of Teal/Phoenix at the end, and the party at the bookstore, were so adorable! Loved the background music in Phoenix's scenes. Also, the interactions between Teal and Snow were so precious; I'm excited to see more of Snow in Defaction!

Thank you guys for all your hard work; this is an absolute  masterpiece!! I'm so happy to have been able to witness this game's development since its beginning. Excited to see what you make in the future.


Aww thank you so much! We're really happy that you enjoyed the game! There are a bunch of personal thoughts in it so it's always great to hear when it resonates with someone.

We didn't really plan this message from the beginning but as the game started to take shape it was important to us that there isn't really a bad end (just as no ending is completely perfect). Originally the game was meant to be mainly light hearted so as more serious themes started to show up, we tried to make sure that especially in the end there's always hopeful notions whenever things don't work out.

We're also excited to show more of Snow in Defaction! It will still take a bit longer before we're ready to release more of it but we're glad you're looking forward to our future projects!

All the support and comments along the way definitely helped to shape the full game so thanks for commenting again (and for playing of course) <3

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idk if you remember me, but I played the game when only the first part was out and I loved it, and now that the second part is out,im more in love with it!the graphics,the style,the character design, I love everything about this game!once I started playing part 2 I felt like I had to finish it instantly(and I did finish it within an afternoon, since I had lost my progress and had to play it all over again,but in my opinion  it was good because i honestly didnt remember the story) I already did the Phoenix ending and the protagonist ending and I loved both(especially the scene on Phoenix's ending where they are drinking some wine,that scene was so good and well made!) I look foward to play more games like this, and continue the good work <3

Thank you so much for all the kind words! We're really happy that you enjoyed part 2 as well and that you liked the endings! Especially because so much time has passed since part 1 was released, we really wanted the endings to be satisfying. So we're always happy to hear when that's the case!

Thanks for playing (and commenting again) <3

I'm so happy I got to play the second half! It had been so long since I played this game (I went to the first page of comments and apparently, mine was made a year ago). I actually forgot what happened/what I had done on each of my save files, so I just decided to restart the first half as well. 

I related even more this time playing. I'm in my senior year of high school now (I know, I'm young), and I'm expected to know what I plan to pursue as a career. I was thinking of doing independent illustration but I'm not sure I have what it takes. Most days, I don't even have the motivation to create anything. And it doesn't help that I'm in an art school surrounded by people who have way more technical skill than me. I'm supposed to submit college applications in a month or two and I can't help but wonder if the debt is worth it.

Well, just know that I really enjoyed this game. It really resonated with me. Also, I think I noticed a reference to Defaction while working in the bookstore?

Thank you so much for your comment! We're really happy you enjoyed the game and that it resonated with you and we wish you all the best with your decision! It's definitely not easy, which is one of the reasons why we tried to put some of our thoughts on things like dreams, jobs, and the future into the game. We hope it helped a little but even if a lot of it comes from experience, there's no definite answer that fits all.

And yes! There is a Defaction reference in there! We tried to keep it a little obscure so we're glad you still spotted it!

Thanks for playing <3

Just downloaded it and it sadly won't work, tried the 'extraction process'?? And 'run as administrator', deleting and re-downloading. Is it just my Laptop or..??? BTW, downloaded

Sorry about that! Is your antivirus giving you trouble with the game files or is something else going wrong? If you prefer to write us a mail with the details you can also contact us at

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It's alright. The antivirus does't seem to mind, it's just that whenever I try to open the .exe nothing pops up, although it shows the 'loading' symbol by the arrow and 'log.txt'??? comes after first click of the app (if that's any help)

So there is no error message or anything? Have you checked in the task manager if any processes are started when you try to open the .exe?  'log.txt' appearing is normal but would you mind sending us a mail with its contents? Maybe we can find out what is going wrong that way

Just finished part 2, spent 50 percent of time crying and other 50 percent laughing. It surely IS worth the wait! One of the best visual novels I've played, thank you so much for it!

Btw, can you give a tinsy tip how to get Joyce route?  'Cause I always somehow end up with Phoenix, maybe because of my burning love for him/her haha

Thank you so much! It really means a lot to us to hear that <3

Joyce can be a bit tricky because some choices for them (especially in the beginning) conflict with going to work or just going out. But you can also turn on a route help option in the settings if you like! Then you get an indicator which choices lead to a specific route.

We hope that helps and thank you again for playing!

Love this, written well and looks gorgeous can't wait to finish it.

Thank you so much for making a let's play of our game! We're glad you like it so far and we hope you'll enjoy the rest too!

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Yasssss part 2 lives!!! Yay!! Except I got a bug (MacOS version) when I tried to save but YESSSS

Oh, sorry about that! The save location should have been set to $HOME/Library/RenPy/TODO-today but as it looks it wasn't found in your case. Have you had any trouble running other Ren'Py games?

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Usually no! But it's been awhile so... how strange, wonder why it won't find it? *rubs chin*

I've actually played this very game before --before the full release, I mean. Odd. I'll check things out on my corner ^_^

(1 edit)

Solved it -- just downloaded it straight from the site, added to my usual Applications folder and opened the app directly rather than using the app :) Now it not only works, it also brought back the saves from my previous playthrough from part one too ^_^ But I guess it's a heads up in case other people have the same issue, hehe.

We're glad it worked out now! And thanks for posting the solution!


I love this game! Every thing about it was done perfectly and for me it was very relatable. I'm glad you could make the 2nd part happen and I wish you good luck for next game development (or whatever else you are doing). Also I'm very thankful for the Linux version (I believe no problem with RenPy) and for acknowledging the LGBTQ+ community. For me full 5 stars and also inclusion in my new collection "Games, that will stay in my heart" (few games are actually in there, only virtually (like Undertale, ...)).

Thank you for all these kind words! It really means a lot to us that you enjoyed our game so much (and we really like Undertale as well so we're definitely honored that you liked //TODO: today to a similar extent!)

Thanks for the good luck and thanks for playing <3


> CeasephIsCanon

Hmmm. Is this a JoJo reference I spy?


Well, uh...


Just finished part 2 and I felt thoroughly satisfied. Thank you to the dev team for sticking with this project and giving us such a special game.

[spoiler] The Phoenix route was great. Lots of natural feeling intimate moments, nothing felt too rushed and then that sweet sweet happy ending.

Thank you for the kind words <3
We're really happy that you were satisfied with the ending! And we're glad that you liked the Phoenix route!

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[major spoilers for part two]

OHHHH MY GOSH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HYPED I WAS WHEN I SAW THE FULL VERSION WAS RELEASED DURING CLASS!!!!! it took me so much. self control not to just finish the game  during it since we had free time

it's so good?????? also i love the art in bell tech, especially joyce's cg!!! i got most of the achievements already [need pro guild, worker bee, cold hearted and completionist] and i'm!!!! also just WOAH at the art!!!!

also i want to steal joyce's outfit. both of them. also pheonix's but without the jeans. did i mention how nice the character designs are because!!! woah!!!!!!!

oh, and there was a bug i encountered? i didn't take a screenshot of it, but i rememeber it happens if you're in pheonix's route and are in their room. i don't think i made a choice or anything, it just happens when you go to the next dialouge. ren'py says there's a bug, but i can play as normal after.

OH and!!!!! the endings!!! are so good and the wait was so worth it!!!!! i support joyce and pheonix so much!!!!!!!!! just!!!!! they're both doing good and i'm proud of them, weirdly enough!!!!

also i had three playthrough saves going [one for my blind playthrough, except i forgot to turn helper options off for part two so it ended up being... not so blind, one for joyce and the other for pheonix] and im laughing because,,

[spoilersspoilers] if you get both joyce's and pheonix's affection in a even rank, the day starts out as if joyce was confessing but right before teal can give them an answer, pheonix calls them and it's just dramatic

oh, and joyce in the end credits when taking pheonix's or the protagonist route is a nice touch!! 

 that's all i had to say!!! thank you so much for making this game!!!! good luck in your next projects!!!

Aaaah thank you so much for writing this comment!! And for all the kind words! 
We're glad that you enjoyed the game and that the wait was worth it for you!

Also, we weren't sure how many people would get the situation with the double confession but now we're definitely glad that we put it in there! 
And thanks for letting us know about the bug! We fixed it earlier and are going to release another update soon with a few other smaller fixes as well. We also really appreciate the good luck on future projects <3

Thanks for playing!


I just finished my first play through and I was absolutely excited after every text box!! I'm so excited to get the rest of the achievements, thank you so much for pulling together these amazing characters into such a nice and sweet story!  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Thank you for all the hard work you put into this series until the very end!

Thank you!! This really means a lot to us <3 
We're happy you enjoyed the full game! And reading all these kind comments definitely makes all the work worth it.

Thanks for playing!

I finished my first play through and had to stop to comment that I'm dying how I got the cold hearted accomplishment lol. I didn't think I was that bad. Excited for my next play throughs since I know there are more outcomes~

Oh no! Well, we didn't want the rescue to be too easy but we hope you'll get the other endings as well.
Thanks for playing <3

If you use linux and get permissions errors when you try to run the .sh, try

chmod -R u+x *



Thanks for pointing that out! We'll try and see what we can do about it for future updates


i havent played it again but you guys better not disappoint me, im watching you 


I just finished Phoenix route and it was HELLA sweet~


oooo i cant wait to download it!


Is the game still getting released today?


Hi, thanks for your interest! We unfortunately ran into some unexpected delays with some of the final assets but we are now working towards a release tomorrow. We're sorry that we couldn't finish it today but we are almost there now!


  Don’t be sorry ❤️ I know the game is worth the wait. I’m sending you love rn ❤️❤️❤️


8 more days,,,,,,,,,

Sorry it took us a bit longer, but we hope you'll enjoy the full game!


I'm so excited for part 2!! Part 1 was absolute perfection, from the art style to the game-play itself. I'll admit I cried a little when Joyce left, I miss her already >.< The realism was just phenomenal, nothing felt forced like the choices do in other visual novels. And of course, they/them pronouns being included made everything even better.. I was able to be called what I was comfortable with most in a game ^^ All in all, //TODO: today is a beautiful game, and I'm looking forward to the release of the full game!

Thank you so much! We're happy you liked part 1 and we hope you'll enjoy the full game as well!
We wanted the game to be as realistic and inclusive as we could make it so we're always glad to hear when it works out!

And sorry for not replying earlier, working on part 2 has kept us pretty busy recently. 
Thanks for playing <3


I really enjoyed the demo and I'm looking forward to Part II; in a way, I consider myself fortunate for having found this game so recently as it means I didn't have to hold my breath over the cliffhanger! I'm not sure if it's worth leaving a mini-review on only half the game, especially since the full version is slated to be out soon... but I did jot down some notes while playing the demo so here are my two cents!

+ Art style is just so so so incredibly charming, plus I have a personal love for the teal/pink "digital" aesthetic.
+ Characters are engaging and endearing, I wanna bro it up with Zen!
+ Mrs Cardhover is so nice.
+ I like how Phoenix opened up a bit over time, like real people do, and how their status as "Basically the MC but better at life" doesn't mean they have to be a bad or irritating person to make the point.
+ The writing is pleasantly nuanced, as is the narrative; even 'proactive' choices don't have the MC instantly get their life together. They still get tired, have the urge to procrastinate etc, as getting one's life together is a stop-and-go thing rather than a single steady forward motion.
+ The argument with Joyce felt very real and I could see where both parties were coming from; it really felt like Joyce was trying to do the right thing for the MC.
+ The whole thing felt very real, AI aside: Life can be hard and it felt like the MC was dealing with low-key depression, especially the way that minor setbacks and self-sabotage crop up more often than huge traumas and complete meltdowns.
+ Having the MC do the responsible thing and improve in willpower/mood over time felt genuinely rewarding. I was so proud when they made it to the finals!
+ Fire Emblem and Kill La Kill posters

? Parts of the game are too real for me, man (DUDE). Being an adult is hard even when your life, compared to that of others, isn't suffering any unusual woes. The struggle is in fact real.
? Oh god I wish I had a Joyce sometimes but no, they're right, I'd probably use them to replace real people and that's no long-term solution.
? Too real guys, too real.

* I wanna see more of the Titan Watch Online guild!
* I'm gonna cry at some point in Part II, I know it

Thank you so much for writing such an in-depth comment! And sorry, about the super late reply. We've been really busy with finishing up part 2 but now that it's released we hope you'll enjoy the second half of the game!

Making the story and everything feel realistic and relatable was pretty important to us so we're always happy to hear when it worked out! And thanks for all the kind words <3

We hope you'll like the full game as well!

Hey can you guys tell me when it officially comes out or you dont have an exact date because i dont think i can handle the cliffhangar anymore ;-; 

plus dont give me an ending WHERE JOYCE DIES ( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)

and last but not least this is a really good game i give it 11/10 stars


Hi, we don't have an exact date yet but we plan to finish and release the second half this month or in early September at the latest.

And don't worry, AIs don't die (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Thanks for playing (and waiting)! We're happy you enjoyed the game so far <3

<3 :D

loved it

thank you! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・✧

(love ur commenting  style ♡)

I just played the whole part 1 of the game yesterday and immediately fell in love with absolutely everything! Something I've been curious about and have been thinking about all day was - are you planning on doing anything with the soundtrack? I know there aren't many songs, and that perhaps they might be uploaded onto eZombo's soundcloud down the line, but I would love to be able to purchase these tracks in some way ♡  (sorry if this was already asked though alkdjfa)

Aww thank you! We're really happy you like it!
We haven't formally announced anything yet but we plan to release the soundtrack on Bandcamp and here on itch once the full game is done (besides also posting it on Soundcloud). And thanks for your support we really appreciate that you want to purchase it!

If everything goes according to plan, part 2 and the soundtrack should be released by the end of this month. So it shouldn't be much more of a wait now.
We hope you'll enjoy the second half as well and thanks for playing <3

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I'm so sad it's over but I'm so glad I played! I can't wait for part 2. I really loved the art style, and the pace was perfect. The characters were engaging and dynamic. Of course the end was heartbreaking but I hope it gets better in the second part! I also loved that the "love interest" character was androgynous so it would flow well depending on whether you chose a boy or girl as your preference. Overall really well done and tons of game play time! 

Thank you! We're really happy you liked it! And sorry for the late reply >-<

Having everything feel natural regardless of which preferences are chosen was really important to us so it's great to hear you enjoyed that.
And without wanting to spoil too much, there will definitely be options in part 2 to get things back on track again!

Thanks for playing and we hope you'll enjoy the second half once it's released <3

Hi Boys Laugh +,

I played the entire first half in 1 go yesterday and I absolutely loved it! The only thing I would have liked is being able to name "Joyce" myself, since for me the AI was a male and Joyce is a girls name in my opinion and in my country. Will that be possible in the future?

Can't wait for the 2nd half! Keep up the good work!

Hello sterrejana! :D

Yeah, it's understandable that one would want to name their own AI. :U
But we didn't plan to include a feature to give Joyce a custom name in the future. We developed Joyce as a character with a unique personality and the name was carefully chosen to match both feminine and masculin Joyce. It might have been different if Joyce would focus on changing their personality depending on you (the player).
(PECTIN: That reminds me. We absolutely didn't pick the name so I could make a pun everytime Teal has a CHOICE in the game. *melts away in shame*)

Sorry for not replying sooner and thank you for your interest & feedback & playing! <3

Omg..I am absolutely in love with this! I also get attached to characters easily and pretty soon so when Joyce left I seriously started crying..also LOVING the art style! Who am I kidding, I love the whole game. Every bit of it. I can´t believe I got this lucky  to find this literal GEM of a game! I originally intended to play this cause of the screenshots (you know,the art and stuff) but when I found out that not only could I change the name of the protagonist but also I could be  A GAY LITTLE POTATO NOT ONLY IRL BUT FINALLY IN A GAME TOO?? LIKE HELLO,WHY DON´T MORE GAMES HAVE THIS FEATURE? Long story short,you totally bought me with this. I am SO going to pay for this game! Please release the second part soon,I miss my virtual waifu so much already :´( But by all means,please take your time! My heart may be broken (into a million pieces,actually) but I´m willing to wait if it means the second part will live up to this one!

PS: Joyce for the love of God please come back to me I´ll get a better computer I promise also a phone I am literally going to buy a phone just for you omg please I need youuuuuuuu--

(1 edit)

Hello, we've been so busy with work and couldn't any reply sooner! sorry >o<

Thank you so much for playing //TODO: today! And thank you for the feedback <33
This comment made us really happy and we're glad you enjoy the preference options!
We're currently working on the second part and information about the pricing will be posted in our devlog prior the full release!

Again, thank you for your support and have a nice day! :3
(Too bad  we can't tell anything about our beb Joyce >-<)

(1 edit) (+1)

I love this! I can't wait till the second part comes out ^^!!! 

Aw thank you so much! Hope you'll enjoy it when it's out! :D

love the art style cant wait for part 2


Thank you! Hope it'll please :3

I can't wait to play the second part! The UI and story seems really nice and the art style was also very satisfying!

Interested to know how the story progresses.

Thank you! We're happy you enjoyed it!
And we hope you'll like pt. 2 when it's out :3


Oh dear lord my heart aches. Literally the last bit I was like bro joyce, just stop and just ughh lol.  I don't cope well with cliffhangers but I will force myself to deal with it. I SHALL FORCE MYSELF TO LIVE ON UNTIL THE NEXT PART IS RELEASED. Anyway lol I LOVED the whole game. The art and story were both so on point! Like the art made me (a person who is just beginning to learn how to draw ajsnknk) wanna draw cause of how damn pretty it was. And all the writing was done so well! Like it was that good middle ground between too much detail and too little.

 Only thing I can complain about is adding more saving pages? I'm the type of person that likes to save at every decision (even if it doesn't affect the storyline) just cause i like to see what would have happened if I chose that choice instead and all that jazz. So it would be nice to have that ability but its a small thing. Otherwise really loved it and really excited for the next part!

Aaa thank you for all the kind words!! We're really happy you like the game!
We're still working on part 2 but right now we are aiming for a release in August so it hopefully won't be that much of a wait anymore!

And the lack of save slots is a fair point! We'll keep it in mind and see if we can add a few more with the next update.

Thanks for playing, and we hope you'll enjoy part 2 as well when it's released <3


Oh goodness gracious Joyce please don't leave me I need you

Seriously, I like how colors are popping and the UI and urgh I just love it. Maybe I'll try doing Phoenix to fill the Joyce-shaped hole ....

I'm so happy to find this game. Usually I only play GxB so I can't really recommend my games to my guy friends, but the variety of pronouns and romantic interest means I could shove this to anyone! And let them suffer in the hell of Joyce-leaving-them-alone together with me! Hahaha :D

But while I'm curious as for how the part 2 will turn out, please take your time to finish this! :D:D

Also, I'm afraid it was just me, but the popping colors in background somehow strained my eyes a little, when I need to differ the sprites from the background. Especially when I just started the game; Zen's workplace was so bright and so does the sprite, it made me a little bit uncomfortable :(

(1 edit)

Hey, thank you for playing and thanks for your feedback! :3

We didn't have problems looking at the colours during work or noticed this as a problem while play testing and letting others play test the game. Things might look very different on different screens as well. But ultimately we're sorry that //TODO: today had caused you eye strain. >< This is definitely noted for future work!

We can't say much about Joyce rn. But, uh, spread the "love"!! :D

OMG! I really love the game! I can't wait to play part 2!

Also I really love the art style and music of this game. It's sooooo relaxing :) 

Thank you! We're happy you like it <3
It'll still be a bit longer before part 2 is ready but we hope you'll enjoy that as well!

DUDE, I love this game so much!!! I was planning to just play for a bit and got so wrapped up in it that I played it all in one sitting (whoops)! I love the art and all the colors. I especially appreciate how the characters can change depending on your own preference. Personally, I don't see that a lot in dating sims, but it really made this game more fun! ^^ Also, I was able to relate to the main character (Teal) a lot (it almost made me think I had a secret Joyce on my computer listening to all my problems, lol). I struggle a lot with finding motivation to draw even though I really enjoy it. I haven't drawn in a while but after playing this, I feel more motivated than ever! I downloaded the app just so that I could be notified when the second part is uploaded. I can't wait! Keep up the good work!!! <3

Thank you!! We're really happy you like our game :D 
And it's great to hear that it made you feel motivated to draw! The struggle with motivation is a big aspect of Teal's character that was important to us to include so we're glad that the game could help you a little. 
Right now we're aiming for a release in August with part 2 so it's still a bit longer until it's done but we hope you'll like it when it's released!

Thanks for playing <3

What a surprisingly interesting game ! I was expecting some cute but kinda cliche dating game, and I'm glad I was wrong. First, the art is amazing (I especially love the colors and the character design). And the story... let's just say that as someone who is also struggling with depression and social anxiety, I found Teal's problems easily relatable. And being able to choose the character's gender and preferences is nice too :)

Really looking forward to part 2 ! ~


Thank you! We're glad you liked the game!
We wanted it to have themes that are important to us so it's always great to hear when others can relate to it.

Right now we're aiming for a release in August for part 2 so it's still a bit longer until then but we hope you'll like the second half as well!
Thanks for playing <3

Holy heck I feel so sad like why JoYce? ;( I LOVE YOU JOYCE PLEASE COME BACK

Thank you for playing!!
maybe your love will be strong enough to - *SPOILER for pt. 2*ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

It's really good! I'm surprised I actually cared about Joyce, and I first thought she was going to be like those 'cat girls' in other horrible visual  novels I've seen people play. Although, I jumped in really fast, I didn't see that only Part 1 has been completed. Looking forward to Part 2.

Thank you! We're happy you liked the game (and Joyce)!

It's still going to take a few months before Part 2 is finished but we hope you'll enjoy that as well!
Thanks for playing <3

My opinion on Joyce has changed immediately and now she's made me realize how much of a lesbian I am. It changed positively, and it was so sudden that I had to pause for a moment to realize I loved an AI in a visual novel.

I don't know what I expected from Part 2 before, but it certainly wasn't this. Still really happy about the full release even now.

This was soo good, this is one of my first Dating Simulator games and I loved it, hoping to play part 2 

Thank you! We're happy you like it! 
There wasn't a whole lot of dating in part 1 but the second half will include some more options for that ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

I really like the art and characters and the customization of the protagonist is awesome too ^^ I can't wait to play part 2!


Happy you liked it all!^u^

We'll hope you'll like the continuation as well :3

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