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Is there a guide to the endings?


Oh my heck, this is precious and the art is gorgeous! Tbh, I really want to see more of them. T^T


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Sorry if this is spam but has no way of sending PMs. :(

I'm from Soulsoft Electronic arts. ( ) Sooo I'm thinking about hosting a Game Jam on My idea is a bara game jam which I'll call "BARA JAM", and I'm trying to see how much interest there would be in such a jam, and if it would be worth hosting. Would this be something you'd be up to participate in or even co-host?

I'm thinking about having it in October and lasting 1 month.

I made a thread on LSF with more details here:

I'm really trying to see if this is a viable jam that people would even want. I hope so! I'll obviously be submitting an entry as well. =) you can email me here


Hi, thanks for asking us about this! We just sent you an email

No problem! I'm writing up on email for you right now. :)

I enjoyed this game a lot! I played all the endings and each one of them were amazing. I actually laughed out loud at some points (especially the joke ends oml) and it's such a nice game for when you feel like playing but don't necessarily wanna think so much and just have a fun time! For any of you guys reading the comments before playing... if you aren't up for some straight up weiner action... don't choose the "yaoi" censor option lmao. (No shame if you do, tho... that's what I chose huehue.) Good job on this game!! Y'all are great uwu

Omg, we're so sorry for only replying now!  Thank you so much for playing our game so extensively! We're happy you enjoyed all the endings and the game itself. We definitely wanted it to be just a fun little experience so we're glad that was the case for you!

Thanks for playing <3

^^ This is a fun game. I kinda wish I could see what happens next for the happy couple.

Thank you! We're happy you enjoyed it! We planned this as a one-shot so there probably won't be a sequel, but I'm sure they'll find a way to make everything work ;)

^^ I get that. I'm a writer and have a short out that people keep wanting more of. Despite it just being what it is.

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"Either way, this evening will be something to remember. For both of them..." 

^ This is the best representation of all the endings (the joke and "bad" one are both hillarious, and the "good" sure is hot) and their name is the ultimate cue, too ;)

The story is a bit cliche (there is even kabedon! xD). Nonetheless, with two perspective of the event, it feels right and loveable. Keep up the good work (>,<)9

Thank you so much! We just made this game for fun so it's great to hear that you enjoyed it, too! And we're glad you liked the endings :D

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Sorry about that! We updated the build, so the file is back where it should be.
Please let us know if you run into any other problems! (Otherwise, we hope you enjoy the game~)

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Are you guys German by any chance? Btw, I need Semel's knusprig shirt ♥w♥

Yup, we are! Semel's name technically comes from a different pun but we couldn't pass up any opportunities for pastry related jokes that only make sense in German... So we're glad you like the shirt~

Love the joke ending I got. Great work! 

Aw, thank you! 

Also thank you for playing the game! :3

i can't wait to play it ahem ahem 

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Even if you do - dem steaming boys won't get cold  like coffee. (「・ω・)「

Hope you'll have fun with our little game! ;3